The symbol of spirituality, purple is the highest color vibration of the spectrum, vibrating at 790,000,000 vibrations per second.  Violet is the seventh or final principal color of the rainbow spectrum, manifesting in many hues such as heliotrope, amethyst, orchid, royal purple, wisteria, and lavender, each of a different significance.  All other rays are likewise divided into various hues. 


The purple ray vitalizes man’s spiritual nature with life-giving power, and animates and expands the soul-consciousness. 



Red is the first fundamental color, the sensation of red being produced by the longest and slowest of the visible light-rays. This color always typifies the active use of power. It relates primarily to the physical body, but also has a vitalizing effect on the finer spiritual forces. It correlates with alchemical Sulphur. It also symbolizes the externalization of a thing on any plane.


As the first ray of manifested being, it is called the Life-ray, or the life-giving principle of creation, and is of a positive and magnetic vibration, projecting life, strength and vitality.  The face is, this color vitalizes all living matter, giving energy, strength, courage and activity.  





The Cosmic Soul or higher mind of nature expresses much of the peace, beauty, and harmony of Creation through the Blue and Green rays.  The blue has a calming effect on mind and nerves, and is successfully employed in cases of insomnia.  Truth, peace, poise, and serenity are the main features of the mental influence of the Blue ray.  It has to do with the gateway of the spiritual aspect in man, and with his religious instinct, or his devotional and mystical nature.  It is related to the Spiritual body, and thus the root-cause of your present condition of life.




Generally it arouses optimism, cheerfulness, and a balanced outlook on life, equilibrating in its effect.  By stimulating the higher functions of the brain, yellow aids in developing tact, mental alertness, and helps establish emotional balance.  It is said to make joyful through greater attainment of the soul and one’s Self, and suggests as well the joy, gaiety and merriment, the comfort and cheerfulness of the fireside.


Being active on the mental plane, yellow is called the Wisdom ray, related to the astral or mental consciousness.