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The Light of Asgard

Free Event Recording

Join Tim Whild, Lovisa Alvtörn, and Doni Amoris in your own Sacred Time and Space and dive deep into the Galactic 1010 Portal!

In this recorded event we will go on a soul journey to connect with the blessings of Asgard, in particular Goddess Freya, Allfather Odin, and Yggdrasil (World Tree) will step forward to share their wisdom, guidance, and love with you. You will be the first to learn about the Asgard Collection of scarves that Tim, Lovisa, and Doni have co-created to share the important Norse Master energies needed for our next step in our personal and global ascension journey.


During the soul journey to Asgard, channeled messages and energy codes will touch your sacred heart and light body, receiving uplifting inner guidance and bliss.


Let us together celebrate the release of the Asgard Collection and connect with the powerful Norse Master energies!



During this light-filled 60 minutes recording you will:

  • Experience a guided soul journey to Asgard 

  • Receive important messages for your life from Freya, Odin, and Yggdrasil

  • Learn how the sacred energy scarves of the Asgard Collection can empower your life

  • Tune into the energy of the recording at any time from the comfort of your home

We are looking forward to share a great time with you and create waves of good energy across the world!


With much love and many blessings!


Doni, Tim, & Lovisa 

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