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Grand Ceremony

Sacred Online Space

be the co-creator of your Reality

Live on ZOOM

December 6th 2020

New York: 4pm

San Francisco: 1pm  

London: 9pm

Stockholm: 10pm


Energy Exchange

Seats are limited. Please make your reservation as soon as possible. Applications are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

About the Ceremony

From the comfort of your home, join this intimate time with healer, shaman, and spiritual artist Doni Amoris to receive invocations and empowerments to become the Co-Creator of your Reality.


Opening and connecting with a Sacred Space, we will receive inspirations, messages, and healing energy from Source. This ceremony will provide an opportunity for us to receive clarity for our path, our future, and to heal or release stuck energy.


Doni Amoris will guides us deep into meditation, to connect with our “Inner Goddess” and he will channel one of his Spiritual Guides to transmit an empowering light code and message.

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In the second part of the ceremony, participants will co-create with Doni Amoris a special Flower Mandala (an Offering to Spirit). Doni will channel participants healing requests into the Flower Mandala, and together we will open up a powerful energy vortex (based on Shamanic traditions to make a gift to Spirit in order to receive a blessing).


The energy vortex of the Flower Mandala delivers our healing requests into the quantum field of Source, where they blossom and unfold their full healing potential. 


Participants can submit their personal healing requests and intentions to Doni in advance of the ceremony here: Google Form

In this heart-opening two hour ceremony with Doni Amoris, we will:


  • Release energetic blockages to access deeper joy and inner peace

  • Receive two divine energy transmissions and messages from Doni’s Spirit Guides 

  • Invoke powerful spiritual energies to bless and to heal your life

  • Experience spontaneous fulfillment through easy to follow meditations 

  • Q&A with Doni Amoris concerning your spiritual path


Keeping the heart and mind open for new possibilities to unfold, let’s make 2021 become the year that we fully step into our Divine Light and Divine Purpose. 


I look forward to be in ceremony with you soon! 


With Love,

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What they Say


“My experience at last evening's session was so timely and beautiful…I feel the blessings received will and are changing my outlook on everything." – Ron Mohl, USA


“Thank you for such a beautiful session of heart healing. You have blossomed into such an incredible Teacher and source of Love Light." – Deb Heisel, USA


“Doni, thank you so much for the healing meditations, and loving vibrations of last night's Love Transmission. It allowed me to release so many feelings. I look forward to the next one.” – Zunny Matema, USA

 "The session was wonderful! The medicine gift was very special. I felt a deep peace and love when I received the medicine gift and the soul gifts. My tears overflowed." - Yuko Hiwatari, Japan

"Doni's universal loving energy provided a safe space, and I had some profound experiences and energy shifts,..." - Avan Chan, Sinagpore

About Doni Amoris

The award winning and internationally recognized healer and artist Doni Amoris combines spiritual practices with modern technological tools to expand our perception of the mystical exchange between our selves, the Earth and the Divine.


Doni Amoris unique heart-opening workshops, healing works of art, and energizing meditation scarves have awakened people across the globe to a life of greater harmony, joy, and prosperity. His work has been exhibited in major department stores, galleries and alternative spaces across 12 countries. In 2011 Doni Amoris' artwork was selected to be included in an international long-term study, to investigate the effects of art on public health, conducted by the Behring Institute in the Netherlands.  

Doni Amoris strongly believes that the realization of our co-creative nature is the turning point towards a renewed commitment to living our fullest potential. Together, as a collective of radiant hearts, we can ascend towards greater planetary harmony and love.

Grand Ceremony

with Doni Amoris

Receive Invocations and empowerments to become the co-creator of your Reality. 

December 6th 2020

New York: 4pm

San Francisco: 1pm  

London: 9pm

Stockholm: 10pm

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