Harmony of the Soul
Private Healing Ceremony
by Doni amoris
This healing ceremony includes:
  • Removal of client’s conscious and unconscious energy blockages such as limiting soul contracts and traumatic imprints

  • Tracking and downloading of client’s missing energy codes (elements of soul energy lost due to trauma) needed to rebirth the soul into wholeness

  • Integration of the energy codes into client’s quantum energy field

  • Blessing the client with a channeling of spiritual energy into their heart chakra

  • After the ceremony, homework, support and guidance are offered to the client to deepen the healing power of the experience

Available online or offline

Please contact Doni Amoris to inquire about pricing and for booking

Ceremony Flow & Details

Science confirms that everything exists as different forms of energy. Light is energy. Albert Einstein’s famous formula E = mc2 is only true because energy and matter are dual expressions of the same Universal Substance. Using this scientific knowledge in conjunction with ancient Native American wisdom, Doni Amoris brings light to the hearts and minds of people through his signature work: Harmony of the Soul

Open to anyone on a healing path, this sacred ceremony is based on Native American healing techniques which have been passed on from shaman to shaman over thousands of years.


In this private, one-on-one ceremony, Doni Amoris will guide you into a meditative state to harmonize your relationship with Source energy and to re-connect you with your soul’s fullest potential.

Through the experience of this ceremony, clients often feel inspired, re-energized, and gain a deeper sense of connection and clarity about their life. To create a healthy lifestyle that will continuously support wholeness and a life filled with healing, personal coaching with Doni Amoris is highly recommended afterwards.


The time has never been better to dive deep into the space of our soul, to explore our full potential and to connect to our heart space in order to manifest a beautiful life. Please join the Harmony of the Soul ceremony to heal and change your life now.

What is the Soul? 

Our soul is the essence of who we truly are. It is a seed of starlight containing the highest vibration of who we are, and that is Love. The soul is, simply put, color and light information relating to our experiences in current, past and future lifetimes. The soul is a reflection of the Divine, an eternal part of the great Mystery, which infinitely expresses itself.

What is trauma?

The human experience is one of energy. We take on energy all the time from our environment and from other people. When one gets hurt, all get hurt. We are all interconnected.


Most people experience some trauma in their life. This can be through having an accident, separation from a partner, death of a loved one, or any other event that causes a kind of shock moment. Often trauma occurs when we are very young. The experience of trauma can be buried under unconscious behavioral patterns that we are stuck in. Recently, science has confirmed that the cellular information of a traumatic event can be passed on for seven generations.

What happens to us when trauma occurs?

Every traumatic event stimulates an emotional and physical response. The effects of this response are stored in our memory, our DNA, and our soul. The energy of a traumatic event can be buried in the unconscious mind, relived again and again, or it can be released, healed and transformed.


Traumatic events often disrupt the energy relationship between the mind and the soul. This can cause imbalances and limitations in our natural energy flow, blocking our life force in certain areas. 

When trauma occurs our body experiences a sensory overload and is imprinted with chaotic energy, which is stored in our cellular memory. Our body goes into survival mode just before and during a traumatic event. This survival mode causes our brain to reduce the flow of blood to the areas responsible for our personality and logical thinking (frontal cortex), and it sends all available energy to the basic functions of survival. At the moment of trauma, we either run as fast as we can, fight or freeze.

To release the energy of trauma from our being and to rebirth into wholeness again, four things need to happen:


  1. Localizing and releasing traumatic energy from client’s energy field

  2. Retrieval of client’s missing energy codes needed for rebirthing their soul wholeness

  3. Integration and blessing the client’s energy field with specific energy codes

  4. Support of client in their integration process - “Life after the healing” - to create long-term change

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Deb Heisel

Thank you for such a beautiful session of heart healing. You have blossomed into such an incredible Teacher and source of Love Light. 

Cecilia Garrigos

It has been a lovely and powerful experience working with Doni and letting him to throw light to my path of life. His fine, sharp and kind perception helped me to reconnect with my inner self with love and openness. I'll be always grateful to him for his valuable kindness.

Ron Mohl

My experience at last evening's session was so timely and beautiful, to say the least. I made a new friend and I feel the blessings received will and are changing my outlook on everything.

Monica Hayes

That was just amazing and so rejuvenating! Thank you for creating and holding such a beautiful space and reminding me of how wide my heart can open.

Gabriella J. King

Doni, you rock! My heart is way more open than it was before our session.

Zunny Matema

Doni, thank you so much for the healing meditations, family and loving vibrations of last night's Love Transmission. It allowed me to release so many feelings.

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