September 19, 2021
Live on Zoom

New York: 1pm
Berlin: 7PM
Other Locations

Ceremony of Illumination

Revitalize, deepen, and accelerate your Spiritual Journey.


About the Ceremony

This online ceremony presents a unique experience of bringing us together as one Family of Light. In a small online group, we engage in heart opening practices and I will teach you how to build your own flower mandala and medicine wheel.


The deeply spiritual process of this ceremony will open up an energy vortex, to harmonize the quantum field of our being. Let us invoke healing energy for our life, transform obstacles into opportunities, and manifest the energy of a New Beginning.


Joining this ceremony will also help us to navigate the blessings coming in during the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd. Discover the blessings and miracles provided by this ceremony...

Discover and connect with your Soul Essence

By the use of our personal and meaningful objects, flowers, and crystals, combined with our highest and most loving intentions, we will create a mandala that is deeply rooted in to our life and connected to the light inside of our heart. 

I will support you to build and to meditate with your own mandala to:


  • Understand more deeply the meaning of your life (relationships, health, work, personal growth, and future experiences)

  • Connect with your Higher Self and Divine Guidance

  • Receive various unique and personal energy blessings (light codes) channeled to empower your inner Light

The Soul image

I will record and channel the spiritual energies of all our mandalas to create a Soul Image. The energies of all the mandalas will be consolidated into one Divine Matrix, into one Soul Image, a Light Bringer, which will transmit the highest frequencies of Love and Oneness.

The Soul Image that comes out of this ceremony is an energy portal that connects us to our Family of Light and so much more! I will channel and provide the message of the Soul Image and teach you how to use the Soul Image for your meditation and how to access the embedded light codes.

a sacred mirror and energy portal

You will receive a Gallery Quality Framed Print (45x60cm / 18"x24") of the channeled Soul Image. This Lightbringer will energize and harmonize our living space and serve you as a Sacred Mirror for daily reflection and meditation. 


You can also refresh and refine the frequency of your crystals, singing bowls and other healing instruments by charging them with the vibration of the Soul Image.

 All prints will be blessed with Love for your highest good. 

Family of Light
Illumination Scarf

I will print our Soul Image on soft-as-silk, natural fabric, to create a unique and wearable blessing, the "Family of Light" illumination scarf!


This scarf will elevate our energy and accelerate our spiritual evolution. It will resonate with the energy of our infinite divine potential and will serve as our personal talisman to deepen our intuitive spiritual healing powers.


The Illumination Scarf that comes out of this ceremony will shine with the perfect union of our divine energies. Your inner Light is needed to contribute and to co-create the divine matrix for our Family of Light illumination scarf. Together we are One and together we multiply our inner Light.

I will infuse our Illumination Scarf with the energy of our Soul Image, Sacred Geometry, Light Codes, and a message from Source.

  • I will personally bless your Illumination Scarf with love by your individual requests and sacred intentions

  • Bringing us together as a Family of Light, the scarf design is the same for all participants. Each time you meditate with the scarf you will receive the loving support from our global Family of Light

  • The scarf is made with love in Italy

  • Natural modal fabric (bamboo, 100% vegan) 

  • Environmental friendly printing

  • This soft-as-silk 140x180cm (55"x70") luxurious scarf will be a truly amazing wearable talisman 

You can learn more about the healing effects of the scarves on the aura and our meridian system in the link below:

What They Say

"There was an overwhelming feeling of love; love for all, including myself.  The feeling has lasted with me still.  I would highly recommend this Ceremony as I feel blessed by spirit in a very special, lasting way."

Tyna Boccarosa, USA

“This is not just a beautiful scarf...it has healing powers!!! It's like a talisman...calling out the light of my inner Soul Essence!”

- Alishina Lightning, USA


"The beautiful gift of your sacred scarves has just arrived and I am bowled over by their energy and beauty.  They are so gorgeous and I absolutely love them all. I love the way you have channeled your energy into creating these very high frequency scarves." 

- Diana Cooper, UK

"The first experience with my scarf was an instant expansion of the aura, and a boost of my clairvoyance.  Thank you for creating this beautiful wearable piece of spiritual technology."

- Birkan Tore, USA

Included in the 3 hour Ceremony:

Digital Soul Image 

A week after the ceremony you will be emailed with the digital Soul Image and a channeled message by Doni.


Sacred Mirror

Framed print of the Soul Image for your home and altar. Delivery about 3 weeks after the ceremony. 

Illumination Scarf

Family of Light scarf infused with Divine Light Activations. Delivery about 10 weeks after the ceremony. 

  • Learn how to build a mandala to open a powerful spiritual portal

  • Invoke healing energy & divine guidance for your life

  • Receive the energy of a new beginning for your inner transformations

  • Connect deeper with your spiritual guides and the wisdom of your heart

  • Empowering activations and transmissions channeled by Doni 

  • 1x Soul Image (digital and print) + message from Source 

  • 1x "Family of Light" scarf to harmonize your aura

  • Audio recording of the ceremony & more! 

  • After the ceremony: Support and guidance are offered to deepen your spiritual journey

Energy Exchange

If this ceremony resonates in your heart, please consider joining. Once you set your intention to join, the Universe will arrange to support you on all levels to make it happen. 

Together, as a Family of Light, let us ascend towards greater planetary harmony and love.

sacred investment
Special Gift Offer
+1 Free ticket:
Journey to Lemuria
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Ceremony of Illumination

September 19, 2021
Live on Zoom

New York: 1pm
Berlin: 7pm
Other Locations

3hrs of Love

Frequently asked questions

What does it take to have my personal and unique scarf made by Doni Amoris?

A personal all custom-made Illumination Scarf, with your custom-made Soul Image, unique designs, personal Light Code Activations,...all incl. with a private ceremony, will be available for an energy exchange of US$2444.

There is only capacity to make 2 scarves per month and a waitlist is available. Expect to wait 3-4 months. Please send an email to doni@doniamoris.com to inquire and reserve your spot.

How do I activate my scarf when it arrives?

Hold your scarf in your hands and connect for a moment in silence. You may say a prayer, chant a mantra, or use other sound to welcome your scarf. Then wear it for your daily mediation.

What is the best way to receive the energy of my scarf?

Please wear your scarf whenever you are going to meditate, practice energy healing, or open up to channel. The embedded light codes and blessings will be absorbed by your aura and light body and deepen your intutive powers. Please consider your scarf as a sacred being that deserves to be treated with respect and care. This way it will support you for a very long time. It is a living talisman!

How do I wash and take care of my scarf?

Store your item flat and untied. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning. You may also very gently hand-wash your scarf using cold water. Dry flat horizontally (towel underneath). To straighten fabric, steam gently.

How long will the energy blessing of my scarf last?

The blessing by Doni Amoris will last a few months and can be renewed upon request. Occasionally, Doni Amoris re-blesses all scarves remotely. The embedded blessings that are in the custom made Illumination scarf are timeless.

Returns or Exchanges

Because your scarf and soul image print are made to order and blessed by Doni Amoris. A return is not possible. All sales are final. Should your scarf or print arrive damaged due to shipping accident, please contact us.

Doni Amoris.jpg

About Doni Amoris

Doni Amoris is the creator of the amazing and wearable spiritual technology of our time: The Scarves of Illumination. His scarves are worn to call out the light of our inner soul essence, to support the beauty, the vitality, and the awakening of our inner Light. 

His work is loved by an ever-growing global family of light and is worn by spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray, Birkan Tore and many more. Doni’s art has appeared in galleries, major department stores, and in a TV show in Japan. 


Doni Amoris has also designed several unique sessions and workshops to help other people to access their original Soul Essence. His core concept is to facilitate an opening of the heart – to inspire an exchange of divine heart energy - towards building a beautiful life with wonderful connections. 

Doni Amoris strongly believes that the realization of our co-creative nature is the turning point towards a renewed commitment to living our fullest potential. Together, as a collective of radiant hearts, we can ascend towards greater planetary harmony and love.