Light of Oneness  

Doni Amoris with Birgit

Soul Image Ceremony


march 7, 2020

 1pm to 5pm (doors open 12:45pm)

Sanctuary Bliss

Alexandria, Virginia

This Light of Oneness - Soul Image Ceremony, will be facilitated by Doni Amoris and Birgit, who will combine their superpowers to guide you throughout this heart healing ceremonial process.  


This special ceremony is designed to harmonize the quantum field of your being, to heal, revitalize and rebirth a new you. We will be guiding you to build a medicine wheel with flowers, crystals, and objects of personal significance. Through the unique process of building this medicine wheel, we will invoke an intimate space for personal healing, insightful blessings, and deep-dive consciousness exploration.

During the ceremony, each participant will receive an energy blessing, personally channeled for you by Doni Amoris and Birgit. Once the medicine wheel is complete and its energy vortex has been opened, we will then take you on a guided meditation, connecting you deeper with Spirit and your own Soul Essence. Throughout the ceremony, there will be time to connect heart to heart and there will be space to support each other’s healing.

Doni Amoris will record the energy of the medicine wheel through his self-developed photographic process to channel our Soul Image. The Soul Image is both, an energy portal and a work of art. It contains the vibrational essence of our soul light, our intentions, and prayers. Doni Amoris will channel the message of our Soul Image and provide the image and its message for each participant in digital format (about a week after the ceremony).


The Soul Image will be a helpful energy tool in navigating your own spiritual journey and a talisman to empower the beauty of your infinite light. You may choose to deepen your connection to Spirit by using your Soul Image to increase the healing power of your spiritual practice (see additional services below).

Our time in ceremony will come to completion by releasing the energy of the medicine wheel with a shamanic fire ceremony. Weather permitted. 


Together, as a Family of Light, we can ascend towards greater planetary harmony and love. The change starts within. Please join us.  


We look forward to be in ceremony with you soon! 

Doni Amoris & Birgit

Energy Exchange

Early Bird: $175 (ceremony + digital soul image)


Regular: $195 (ceremony + digital soul image)


All incl.: $475 (instead of $535)  

(includes all the above + print + scarf) (see “Additional Services” below) 

Booking & Inquiries

For questions and booking, please contact Doni Amoris by email at 


The full address of venues will be provided to those who sign up. Thank you. 

Additional Services

Within two weeks after the ceremony participants have the option to order a print and/or a scarf of the Soul Image. Ordering a scarf or print at a later date may not be possible. Contact Doni Amoris for details.

Fabric of Illumination

A unique ascension scarf - infused with the light of our Soul Image, sacred geometry and more. 55“ x 70”



Sacred Mirror

Soul Image printed on high quality art paper & mounted on a bamboo panel. 8” x 10”, other sizes available.



the Facilitators

Doni Amoris


Doni Amoris and Birgit (Doni's mother) have a combined extensive knowledge of several shamanic traditions and many powerful energetic healing techniques.


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