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Sacred Journey Japan

Cost: $888

Limited to 8 participants 

October 7-14, 2023 Waitlist

October 5-12, 2024 OPEN

Email Doni for info


Join mystic visionary and shamanic teacher Doni Amoris on a special tour to places of spiritual power and beauty in Japan. Let’s engage with the spirit of Japan, meditate, connect deeper, and hold ceremonies for personal healing and global transformation.

This sacred journey is designed to nourish the soul, providing inspiration to go forward into life with a deeper sense of awareness, more compassion, more joy, and more love.


October 7-14, 2023

Sacred Journey Japan


Arrive in Tokyo on October 7, 2023 and settle in.


Open Sacred Space. The journey begins...Meet at Doni Amoris’ home temple in Tokyo. Shamanic Despacho ceremony and soul journey. Home cooked lunch. Time to connect.


The Blessings of Mother Earth. Day trip to Izu. Bathe and purify in sacred hot spring waters. Japanese Lunch. A blissful walk in Nature. Ceremony. Meditation.


Deeper Heart Connections. The 10/10 Portal. Day trip to Kamakura. Sacred temple walk. Experience dragon spirits, sacred chants, and matcha. Time to breathe and be here Now.


Inner Beauty Awakens. Arrive in Kyoto. Stepping into another dimension and time to experience the most beautiful and powerful place in Kyoto. Purifications, inspirations & sacred chants await.


Walking in Light. This day is open to let magic unfold. We might go to the sacred mountain and temple Kurama: the birthplace of Reiki. Go with the Divine Flow. I am Light.


Integration. A Japanese Garden of Fairies. Be in your divine presence. Temple walk & meditations. Munay Ki energy transmission. Channeled medicine gifts for the journey ahead.


October 14, 2023. Journey back to your home country or extent your stay in Kyoto to explore its many wonders and nearby Nara.