Soul Image Panel & Scarf

Light of Oneness
 The soul image -
a sacred mirror and energy portal

Like true sacred art, our Soul Image transmits higher frequencies of Love and Oneness to the space that it occupies. Our Soul Image holds the energy of all participants and connects us as one Family of Light beyond time and space. The Soul Image Panel:

  • Reflect on the Soul Image as a daily Sacred Mirror to ground and energize yourself

  • Display the Soul Image at home and harmonize your living space

  • You can refresh and refine the frequency of your crystals, singing bowls and other healing instruments by programming them with the vibration of the Soul Image

  • One 8"x10" (20x25cm) quality photographic print, united with an organic bamboo panel (other sizes available) 

  • Made in USA with 100% solar energy  

  • Ready to ship in about 3-4 weeks after the ceremony

The Soul Image Scarf -
A wearable talisman 

Wearing our Soul Image printed on a scarf will add its vibrational medicine to your aura and harmonize your energy flow. Studies with the MORA Bio-Resonance technology have clearly shown that wearing the scarves of Doni Amoris increases the energy flow of certain meridians by 18% to 25%. 


Wear your Soul Image scarf at home, at work or during travel:


  • To harmonize and protect your aura

  • To connect more deeply with the light that shines within you 

  • When you meditate, chant a mantra, or dance; your Soul Image scarf can assist you to call out the power of your infinite light

  • When you facilitate energy healing, please wear your Soul Image scarf to increase the healing power of your practice

How does the scarf work? 

The energy of the scarf is transmitted in two ways. On a physical level, the color energy of the scarf is absorbed by light receptors in our skin (Brown University research) and then distributed by the meridian channels to the various organs. 

On the non-physical level, our aura absorbs the energy field of the scarf, re-balances itself, and then delivers the energy to the chakra system. The energized chakras then send this energy to the various glands, such as the pineal gland, which supports our physical and spiritual well-being. 



Aura photography reveals the positive effect of Doni Amoris' scarves. By wearing a scarf for 7 minutes the aura and chakras have been purified and harmonized.  

Empower your Spiritual Practice

Doni Amoris will print our Soul Image on finest Italian natural fabric and create the same scarf for all participants. Wear our Soul Image Scarf to harmonize your light body and increase the healing power of your spiritual practice. The frequencies and colors embedded in the scarf will deepen your personal connection to the Source of Light and will support your important work as a healer, teacher, mother and individual who makes the world a better place. 

Doni Amoris will enhance the vibration of our Soul Image scarf by adding Sacred Geometry, Light Language and other custom design elements to it. 


  • Soul Image printed on soft-as-silk Italian modal fabric or silk

  • Plant based fabric sustainably made from bamboo. Environmental friendly inks. 

  • Size approx. 140cm x 180cm 

  • Made with love in Italy

  • Ready to ship in about 8 -10 weeks after the ceremony

Personally blessed by Doni Amoris with intention and prayer. 

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