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Spring Equinox

Grand Ceremony

March 21, 2023

Live on Zoom + Recording


become the co-creator of your Reality


About the Ceremony

From the comfort of your home, join this intimate ceremony with healer, shaman, and spiritual artist Doni Amoris to receive invocations and empowerments to become the Co-Creator of your Reality.

This 60 minutes ceremony will be held in the energy of Spring Equinox - a beautiful time of rebirth, renewal, and growth. It is a wonderful time to find clarity, to heal, to release stuck energy, and to move into our best future.


 Let us dance in the freedom of our own Light... 


Part I

In the first part of the ceremony, participants will co-create with Doni a special Flower Mandala and crystal gird (an Offering to Spirit). The mandala will be build by Doni and you can see how the process unfolds in real time. 

Together we will channel our healing requests into the Flower Mandala, and then we will open up a powerful energy vortex to bless our light body (based on Shamanic traditions to make a gift to Spirit in order to receive a blessing).


The energy vortex of the Flower Mandala delivers our healing requests into the quantum field of Source, where they blossom and unfold in divine timing. 


Participants can submit their personal healing requests and intentions to Doni in advance of the ceremony here: Google Form

Part II

In the second half of the ceremony, Doni will guide us on a meditative shamanic soul journey. 

The Flower Mandala will serve as our energy point to start this inner journey to connect with our inner light and the wisdom of our heart.

Doni will channel one of his Spiritual Guides to transmit empowering light codes and messages that will unfold  in the flow of the moment.

Soul by Doni Amoris.jpg

In this heart-opening 60 min ceremony with Doni Amoris, we will:

  • Invoke powerful spiritual energies to bless and to heal our life

  • Experience spontaneous fulfillment through easy to follow meditations 

  • Release energetic blockages to access deeper joy and inner peace

  • ...and more! 


Keeping the heart and mind open for new possibilities to unfold, let’s make 2023 become the year that we fully step into our Divine Light and Divine Purpose. 


Live on ZOOM

March 21st 2023

For those who are unable to attend on the day, you will still be included in the energy work channeled by Doni. The recording is just as powerful as the live transmission.

New York: 7AM
Berlin: 12pm
Tokyo: 8PM
Other times


Energy Exchange

Seats are limited.

Please make your reservation as soon as possible. 

What They Say

"It was a very special moment in time that will always be very precious to me. You helped create this by your divine presence, joining all of us together at just the right time."

- Debbie Berger, USA

"I could FEEL the vortex coming alive tonight -- and you were the loving force enabling and enCouraging that. I bow to you, my brother."

- Dreamwalker, USA

"The way you and your guides

 arranged and orchestrated that was extraordinary! I want to thank you so much for this precious and loving ceremony.

- Anita Ryderstedt, Sweden

"Doni, I didn’t think it was going to be as powerful because it was being done virtually.  But, with you at the helm of the starship, it was almost like you were next to me."

- Mark Eric, USA

"With much gratitude and blessings to you Doni,  for sharing your extraordinary gifts.  It was a transformational experience on many levels!"

- Rebecca Kamen, USA

"The ceremony was beautiful, I loved the meditation journey, your voice, and music, and the visualization, altogether was real and filled my heart with joy. Thank you."

- Cecilia Garrigos, Spain

Doni Amoris.jpg

About Doni Amoris

Doni Amoris is the creator of the amazing and wearable spiritual technology of our time: The Illumination Scarves. His scarves are worn to call out the light of our inner soul essence, to support the beauty, the vitality, and the awakening of our inner Light. 

His work is loved by an ever-growing global family of light and is worn by spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Alberto Villoldo, Kyle Gray, Birkan Tore and many more. Doni’s art has appeared in galleries, major department stores, and in a TV show in Japan. 


Doni Amoris has also designed several unique sessions and courses to help other people to access their inner wisdom and to deepen their Divine Connection. His core concept is to facilitate an opening of the heart – to inspire an exchange of heart energy - towards building a beautiful life with wonderful connections. 

Doni Amoris strongly believes that the realization of our co-creative nature is the turning point towards a renewed commitment to living our fullest potential. Together, as a collective of radiant hearts, we can ascend towards greater planetary harmony and love.

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