Goddess Aphrodite

Love – Beauty – Bliss


The goddess Aphrodite ignites in our hearts a sacred light. In this light, spiritual love unites with earthly passion, and through this light all love is divine. In the timeless embrace of Aphrodite we blossom like a fragrant rose and reveal our true beauty, love, and kindness to the world. By this process of revelation, Aphrodite’s radiant energy lifts us up and we are carried into the great infinite ocean of Love Consciousness.


Each “Goddess Aphrodite” scarf is individually blessed by Doni Amoris with a channeled transmission, using a sacred stone that originates from Mt. Olympus in Greece, the heavenly home of the Greek Gods.


Recommended Practice


Prepare yourself a bath (or a shower) with rose oil. Light a candle. Let the water of the bath purify your aura. During your bath you may chant and invoke goddess Aphrodite. “Oh Aphrodite, shining Goddess of Love. Come and guide my heart.” After the bath, lie down on your bed, wearing your “Goddess Aphrodite” scarf directly on your skin. Breathe and feel.


Color Infusion Benefits


  • Nourishing qualities of gentleness and love
  • Rejuvenates body-mind connection
  • Increases intuitive power


The Goddess Aphrodite scarf is made with love in Italy.


  • Soft Italian modal fabric like silk
  • 100% plant-based fiber
  • Use only skin-friendly dyes
  • Dry cleaning
  • Made in Italy, 140 x 180cm, 100% modal

Goddess Aphrodite

  • Store your item flat and untied. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning.


    You may also very gently hand-wash your item using cold water. Dry flat horizontally (towel underneath). To straighten fabric, steam gently.

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