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Image by Gradienta

Open your heart to dream the Garden of Flora into being and discover how the enchanting fairies and flower devas dance for you in perfect harmony. In this harmonious flow of joy, three euphoric gifts are offered to humanity.


Each inspired fairy gift is the quintessence of a floral charm, celebrating the beauty and vibrational bliss of flowers. It is a sacred time to receive the three good wishes of the fairies to elevate your life with overflowing joy, blissful love, and eternal peace.


Will you embrace the sweetness of life that is offered by the flower fairies?

Image by Luke Chesser

From across three continents, artist and shaman Doni Amoris, in a state of deep communion with the flower fairies, has photographed many flowers. From this wholehearted spirit connection, Doni Amoris has co-created, with the support of the beloved fairies, three magnificent silk scarves.  These floral energy blessings share the fairy gifts in a tangible and uplifting way, and bring joy and healing to your heart.


The Flower Fairy silk scarves are a spiritual technology that uplifts our energy body with vibrational flower remedies and the light codes of the flower devas. You may wear the scarf around your neck as you go about your own “fairy-business,” or display the scarves in your home temple (or on your altar). Experience how the energy matrix of these fairy gifts will uplift the vibration of the space around and within you.

Each Flower Fairy scarf has been completely infused with flower energies and high vibrational light medicine at every step of the way, and will continue to be blessed in the future as well.


Explore the Flower Fairy collection of scarves:

Floralia Love, Floralia Peace & Floralia Joy

Image by Darren Nunis

Floralia Love

Key Energy

Love, Beauty & Oneness

Floralia Love by Doni Amoris 4.jpg
Gradient Purple Red

May the loving beauty of the divine fairies uplift your sacred heart. May you always feel the light of Love and open your heart to all that is beautiful and true. I am Love. Oneness awaits!

Energetic Flower Remedies


  • Pink Rose, Red Rose – Activates Love

  • Hibiscus – Super Healer

  • Fuchsia – Sweetness of Life

  • Petunia – Detox it All

  • Pink Apple Blossom – Stress Reliever

  • Azalea – Invokes Harmony

  • Stargazer Lilly – Divine Beauty

  • Wishbone Flower – Greater Self-Love

Floralia Love

Pink to Orange Gradient

"The beautiful gift of your sacred scarves has just arrived and I am bowled over by their energy and beauty!" 

- Diana Cooper


Floralia Peace

Key Energy

Harmony, Peace & Healing

Floralia Peace by Doni Amoris 4.jpg
Gradient Purple Blue

Eternal peace washes over our soul and we come home to the loving embrace of our inner most beautiful and harmonious self. I am Peace.

Now and always!

Energetic Flower Remedies


  • Cornflower – Activates Healing

  • Blue Lotus – Deepens intuitive Spirit Connection

  • Morning Glory – Invokes Harmony

  • Crocus – Stimulates Joy

  • Periwinkle – Purification

  • Forget-me-not flower – Eternal Love

  • Hydrangea – Celebrate Oneness

  • Amaryllis – Everlasting Divine Love

  • Magnolia – Purest Essence of You

Floralia Peace

Pink to Orange Gradient

"Doni's scarves are like portals that help us to connect between the realms. I love to have mine around me when I am doing energy work."

- Kyle Gray

Yellow and Purple Flowers

Floralia Joy

Key Energy

Abundance, Joy & Good Fortune

Floralia Joy by Doni Amoris 4.jpg

Dancing with the spiral of effortless abundance, we flow through life with joy and good fortune on every step of the way. I am a gift of joy – to myself and others! 

Energetic Flower Remedies


  • Hydrangea – Celebrate Oneness

  • Hibiscus – Super Healer

  • Calendula – Divine Joy, Light & Healing

  • Scabiosa – Invokes Harmony

  • African Violet – Purification

  • Wishbone Flower – Greater Self-Love

  • Borage – Courage to Shine you Light

  • Orange Rose – Joyful Beauty

  • Hyacinth – Peace of Mind

  • Daffodil – A New Beginning

  • Camelia – The Grateful Heart

  • Japanese White Fairy Orchid – Dance in your Light

  • Green Fern – Inner Strength

  • Mother of Pearl – Effortless Abundance

  • Pink Polka dot Plant – Boost Creativity

Floralia Joy

Pink to Orange Gradient

“This is not just a beautiful has healing powers!!! It's like a talisman...calling out the light of my inner Soul Essence!”

- Alishina Lightning


  • No flower was harmed in the making of the scarves

  • Oeko-Tex certified: Good for you and the Earth

  • Ultra-soft 100% Italian Silk Satin (Hermès Quality)

  • Limited Edition Artisan Collector Item

  • Signed and blessed by the artist Doni Amoris

  • Made with Love in Italy, 90cm x 90 cm

Scarf Details​

Gradient Strip

*We only offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. Wearing our scarves is not meant to replace any necessary medical treatment or advice. For spontaneous enlightenment, please consult the inner guru of your choice.

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