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Empowerments to Awaken your Divine Potential
Heal, Transform, & Create Your Life
Candy Cotton
in this profound online session you will receive...

An intimate meeting with your Spiritual Guides:

Heal and Transform limitations into Sources of Power 

Expand your spiritual channel & connect deeper with source:

Divine Guidance to empower your Life Journey

Awaken your Full Potential to Create a Life in Alignment with your Soul Purpose, Divine Gifts & More... 

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"I understand how you feel...

Like you I wanted to connect deeper with my true potential and reason for being. 


...and I knew in every cell of my body that there was more to my life.


This led me to search for how to overcome my own limitations…and how to connect deep within my limitless Being,…to become the Creator of my own Reality. 


15 years ago I had the courage to make a jump into the Unknown,… 


During this process I was reunited with my Spiritual Guides, my Soul Mate,… and with their support, I embarked on a journey to manifest my Soul Purpose…I discovered my Limitless True Self.


And now I am here to guide you to do the same. I am here to assist and empower you on your Journey of Becoming. “ 

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About the Session

Hello! I am Doni Amoris and in this session I will be your guide, mentor, and clear channel to transmit information important to your well-being.


Supported by Spiritual Guides and Higher Spirit Teachings I will utilize time-proven energy healing techniques, such as Native American Energy Medicine and Light Language to transmit beautiful and empowering energy codes to your heart space. You will receive divine messages and inspirations, which will assist and empower you forward on your journey.  

Through the experience of this session, people often feel inspired, re-energized, and gain a deeper sense of connection and clarity about their life. This clarity leads the individual to soul aligned decision-making, greater inner peace, and good fortune in life.

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What They Say

“Doni's universal loving energy provided a safe space, and I had some profound experiences and energy shifts.” 

- Avan Chan, Singapore

“Today is the first step in my new life. My soul feels very light and shining. ” 

- Yasuko Hatano, Japan

“Doni created such a sacred container for me to release some deep rooted trauma and he channeled some really special messages and symbols for me to work with going forward.”

- Ellie Seilern, UK

“For the first time in millennia’s I felt totally calm and relaxed and connected to my self. It was very emotional to reconnect with my guides and to receive all the magical gifts.” 

- Ali Fadi, Sweden

Faint Glow

Each session will be tailored to your individual needs, intentions, and goals.

Doni Amoris private session consist of 4 Keys, which are:


  1. Transformation & Inner Peace

  2. Career Booster & Good Fortune

  3. Connect with your Spiritual Guides

  4. Soul Mate Activation

Your Session Includes:

  • 75 minutes of private session with Doni Amoris

  • An audio recording of the session will be provided. The recording will continue to serve you.

  • Homework will be provided for your specific situation to support you. 

  • Sessions are conducted ONLINE using ZOOM. A good Internet connection is required.

Energy Exchange

  • Single Session: $275

  • Package of Two (2) Session: $444

Please Choose a Session from the Menu Below 

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Transformation & Inner Peace 

Session #1

Do you wish to transform and heal inner limitations into Sources of Power? In this session we will focus on healing and harmonizing all of your current, past, and future relationships. We will unlock new dynamics and possibilities for healing, growth, and inner peace. 


  • Transmute Trauma & Fear into Sources of Power

  • Healing of Relationships: Self, Family, Ancestors, etc. 

  • Transformation of Soul Contracts & old Karmic Links 

  • Channeled Messages of Guidance from your Higher Self 

  • Q&A with Doni Amoris

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Career Booster & Good Fortune 

Session #2

Do you wish to embark on your Soul Job or start a new business? This session is a catalyst to bring clarity and good fortune to your projects. We will focus on discovering new potentials for your career, life purpose, and creative expressions. 


  • Divine Blessing for your Projects, New Business, etc.   

  • Empowerments for greater Creativity and Performance 

  • Receive Guidance and Directions for your Life Path/Career

  • Activations for Abundance and Good Fortune 

  • Messages of Wisdom from your Higher Self

  • Q&A with Doni Amoris

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Connect with your Spiritual Guides

Session #3

Do you wish to deepen your spiritual connection and intuitive powers? This session is a deep dive to reconnect you with your inner Light. You will receive an intimate meeting with your Spiritual Guides to receive deep insights, wisdom, and empowering activations. 


  • Opening and purifying of your Spiritual Channel

  • Deeply connect with your Guides & Higher Self

  • Access deeper Spiritual Understanding and Realizations

  • Receive channeled Messages and Guidance 

  • Light Body Empowerments and Activations

  • Q&A with Doni Amoris

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Soul Mate Activation 

Session #4

Prerequisite: “Session#1” is required to clear first. 


Are you longing to be with your Soul Mate and Divine Family? This session will super charge your energy with Divine Love and you will receive a spiritual reunion with your Soul Mate. We will focus on activations and supportive insights for attracting your life partner and Soul Mate. 


  • Spiritual Matchmaking with the energy of your Soul Mate

  • Guidance and Inspirations from your Higher Self & Guides

  • Invocations to connect with the energy of Divine Love

  • Light Body Empowerments and Activations 

  • Q&A with Doni Amoris

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What They Say


“The session facilitated by Doni and my encounter with my spiritual guides was an act of Divine timing, Divine love and Divine intelligence. It resonated fully with my whole heart. I came home to my inner peace.”

- Anita Ryderstedt, Sweden 

“I felt the session was exactly what I needed and Doni has done just perfectly for my spiritual journey and transformation. I also felt healed and washed my soul and spirit more clear and feel more confidence in my mission and intuition.”

– Yukari Kita, Australia 

“Doni has a beautiful gift that he shares so lovingly and gently and, even though he is literally on the other side of the world to me, it felt like he was right beside me as he guided me through the meditation, taking me to places that were magical and, at the same time, very familiar - I felt like I was home! It was beautiful, profound and very healing. Thank you Doni for sharing your light and love with me”.

- Karol O'Leary, USA

"It has been a lovely and powerful experience working with Doni and letting him to throw light to my path of life. His fine, sharp, and kind perception helped me to reconnect with my inner self with love and openness. I'll be always grateful to him for his valuable kindness."

—Cecilia Garrigos, Spain

“Discover your Soul Essence and come Home.

— Doni Amoris

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