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Illumination Scarves

Uplift. Purify. Heal.

“This is not just a beautiful has healing powers!!! It's like a talisman...calling out the light of my inner Soul Essence!

— Alishina Lightning

Doni Amoris' scarves create a beautiful life

For the past 12 years, Doni Amoris has traveled all over the world, met with many people, and experienced the beautiful light in the hearts of everyone. Inspired by the light, he was guided to design an unparalleled scarf to support the beauty and vitality of our inner Light. His vision is to touch the hearts of loved ones, reveal their inner light, and to heal the heart.


Doni Amoris' scarves are loved by over 1,200 famous healers, master shamans, and spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Alberto Villoldo, Tim Whild, Birkan Tore, Kyle Gray, Diana Cooper, Yantara Jiro and many more. Each one of them enjoys life with passion, unleashes the beauty of their inner light, and cherishes a deeper connection with their loved ones surrounding them, while being embraced by Doni Amoris' fabrics of Illumination.

"Doni's scarves are like portals that help us to connect between the realms. I love to have mine around me when I am doing energy work."

— Kyle Gray, Author, UK

The Vision and Creation

"My scarf  feels like I'm putting on a cloak of protection and a veil into other if a whole unseen world surrounds me with their love and guidance. 

— Nadine Calis, USA

The Vision

Traveling through the void of space, rays of light reach earth, unite with matter, and give birth to color. Inhaling the divine fragrance of color, the scarves of Doni Amoris uplift the sophisticated individual, infusing the dance of life with colors of love.


Like the cocoon that protects a radiant butterfly, the scarves of Doni Amoris embrace the wearer to enhance her health and beauty by combining advancements in color therapy with superb quality and energies of sacred places from around the world. Doni Amoris manifests colors of sublime origin onto his scarves with purposeful intention and expands the frontiers of art and science with the vision to inspire greater beauty and peace across the planet.

Colors of Love

 Leonardo da Vinci’s discovery that prayer and meditation is ten times more powerful while surrounded by violet light, motivated Doni Amoris to explore the different properties of colors for creating the scarves.


Doni carefully studied colors, scientific research on color healing, and utilized the latest knowledge in synergy with wisdom traditions to create his scarves. Each scarf is carefully crafted in collaboration with an Italian atelier, using environmental-friendly inks and exclusively printing on finest Italian fabrics.

Sacred Place

 Doni Amoris scarves are programmed with intent using specific energies from various sacred places around the world and beyond.


Inspired by the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who found proof that our thoughts and feelings have direct impact on the molecular structure of water, Doni traveled to many sacred sites around the world to take samples of water. With the water samples and other elements, Doni ceremonially blesses each scarf with an array of powerful spiritual energies and invocations.

Birth of a Scarf

 When Doni Amoris designs a new scarf, the starting point is always the creation of a Mandala or Medicine Wheel. The aim of this is to concentrate energy and to create colors that awaken the inner light of our heart. The energy and the colors of the Mandala are then transferred into the design of the scarf via Doni Amoris' self-developed photographic process - the Soul Image Ceremony®.


In this ceremony, pure color waves and sublime energies become visible to the human eye, resulting in a photographic image - a Soul Image. This Soul Image, the energy of the Mandala is then imprinted onto fabric, creating a luxurious and energy-filled scarf. The perfect union of the energy of the mandala with the energy of the sacred place and Doni’s prayer will give life to the scarf to become a one of a kind talisman.

Wellness Effects

of the Scarves

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The perfect Union of color, energy and prayer...

gives life to your scarf and reveals the inner light of the heart

Wearing the scarf will add its vibrational medicine to your aura and harmonize your energy flow. Studies with the MORA Bio-Resonance technology have clearly shown that wearing the scarves of Doni Amoris increases the energy flow of certain meridians by 18% to 25%. 


Wear your scarf at home, at work or during travel:


  • To harmonize and protect your aura

  • To connect more deeply with the light that shines within you

  • When you meditate, chant a mantra, or dance; your scarf can assist you to call out the power of your infinite light

  • When you facilitate energy healing, please wear your scarf to increase the healing power of your practice

"Doni's ability to bring in the elements of your soul energy signature through colors and most importantly present it in the form of wearable art and as a functional self-empowering tool is unbelievable."

— Yantara Jiro, Singapore

How does the scarf work? 

The energy of the scarf is transmitted in two ways. On a physical level, the color energy of the scarf is absorbed by light receptors in our skin (Brown University research) and then distributed by the meridian channels to the various organs. 

On the non-physical level, our aura absorbs the energy field of the scarf, re-balances itself, and then delivers the energy to the chakra system. The energized chakras then send this energy to the various glands, such as the pineal gland, which supports our physical and spiritual well-being. 

Aura photography reveals the positive effect of Doni Amoris' scarves. By wearing a scarf for 7 minutes the aura and chakras have been purified and harmonized.  




"I received my scarves today and they are sensationally gorgeous, they feel amazing and their energy is beautiful.  Thank you for your contribution to peace in the world through your art."

— Dr. Lisa J.Gordon, USA

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