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What People Say

“Doni's universal loving energy provided a safe space, and I had some profound experiences and energy shifts.” 

- Avan Chan, Singapore

“Today is the first step in my new life. My soul feels very light and shining. ” 

- Yasuko Hatano, Japan

“Doni created such a sacred container for me to release some deep rooted trauma and he channeled some really special messages and symbols for me to work with going forward.”

- Ellie Seilern, UK

“For the first time in millennia’s I felt totally calm and relaxed and connected to my self. It was very emotional to reconnect with my guides and to receive all the magical gifts.” 

- Ali Fadi, Sweden

"We Love your scarves! What makes them so special are the sacred energies, the love and care that you have put into them. Truly conscious clothing!"

- Deva Premal & Miten

“This is not just a beautiful has healing powers!!! It's like a talisman...calling out the light of my inner Soul Essence!”

- Alishina Lightning


"Doni's scarves are like portals that help us to connect between the realms. I love to have mine around me when I am doing energy work."

- Kyle Gray

"The first experience with my scarf was an instant expansion of the aura, and a boost of my clairvoyance.  Thank you for creating this beautiful wearable piece of spiritual technology."

- Birkan Tore

The award winning and internationally recognized healer and artist Doni Amoris combines spiritual practices with modern technological tools to expand our perception of the mystical exchange between our selves, the Earth and the Divine.


Doni Amoris' unique heart-opening workshops, healing works of art, and energizing meditation scarves have awakened people across the globe to a life of greater harmony, joy, and prosperity. His work has been exhibited in major department stores, galleries and alternative spaces across 12 countries. In 2011 Doni Amoris' artwork was selected to be included in an international long-term study, to investigate the effects of art on public health, conducted by the Behring Institute in the Netherlands.  

Doni Amoris was born in northern Germany and grew up in a loving environment based on natural medicine, creativity, a vegetarian diet, and meditation. In 2008 Doni Amoris moved from Germany to the United States of America to study art and photography at George Mason University, graduating with the highest distinction... 

Doni Amoris

During his 6 years in the US, Doni Amoris studied many spiritual modalities, notably Native American wisdom and energy healing techniques at the Shamanic Healing Institute. He deepened his spiritual perspective and expertise as a healer and artist in countless consciousness expanding ceremonies, inspired by indigenous wisdom of the Amazon and of North America.


Importantly, Doni Amoris also studied with renowned visionary artist Alex Grey, who had a profound influence on Doni’s artistic goals and practice. Influenced in part by Grey’s approach to painting subtle energies, Doni Amoris was driven to find a way to use the photographic camera to similarly make spiritual energy visible.​​..


As the microscope or telescope can help us to explore worlds beyond our normal vision, the photographic camera combined with the artist’s inspiration can be used to expand our vision to reveal a hidden layer of reality. This hidden layer is based on pure color and light vibration and is the layer of reality where our soul resides.


In 2010 Doni Amoris found the best way to make spiritual energy visible by merging Native American traditions, the Buddhist mandala, and photography to create his signature artistic style: the Soul Image Ceremony®. The result of the Soul Image Ceremony® is an abstract image, a Soul Image, which contains the vibrational essence of our inner light, our most cherished memories, intentions, and aspirations. The Soul Image can be used as a meditation tool to explore the deeper meaning of our life and to increase the healing power of our spiritual practice... 

In 2013 Doni Amoris became friends with Louise Hay, who was an icon and pioneer in the positive affirmation and self-healing world. Louise or Lulu as she was known to friends, motivated Doni to not just make spiritual energy visible, but to find the best way to share his art with people to co-create a better world. Born from this vision, Doni Amoris was guided to share his Soul Images by printing them on fabric and designing an unparalleled scarf to support the beauty, the vitality, and the awakening of our inner Light.


Doni Amoris strongly believes that the realization of our co-creative nature is the turning point towards a renewed commitment to living our fullest potential. Together, as a collective of radiant hearts, we can ascend towards greater planetary harmony and love.

Doni Amoris currently resides in Tokyo where he studies Japanese traditional arts – such as Ikebana and Wabi Sabi – to refine his unique abilities in color, harmony, and design, while being at the forefront of training the next generation of awakened leaders. 

May you always be divinely guided and protected!

With love,

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