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Light of Avalon


- Harmony, Healing & Inspiration -


Shining through the veil of darkness, the Light of Avalon carries our heart and soul into the great river of divine inspiration.  The Light of Avalon works through the five elements of existence, offering us new pathways to greater healing and harmony. The Light of Avalon scarf is blessed with the energy of Avalon by water taken from Chalice Well and White Spring, Glastonbury, England.


Recommended Practice


Prepare for meditation and drape the Light of Avalon scarf over your body. Play soothing music or sit in silence. Set your intention. Then close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few moments. Slowly let go of your thoughts. Breathe, and bring your attention to the center of your brain. From there visualize a purple blue light. Continue breathing in and breathing out and just listen.


Color Infusion Benefits*

• Increases intuitive powers

• Activates pineal gland

• Stimulates immune system   


Made with love in Italy. 

• Soft Italian modal fabric like silk 
• 100% plant based fiber 
• Use only skin-friendly dyes

 140 x 180 cm - 100% Modal

Light of Avalon

  • Store your item flat and untied. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning.


    You may also very gently hand-wash your item using cold water. Dry flat horizontally (towel underneath). To straighten fabric, steam gently.

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