Doni Amoris

“Let the Wings of your Heart be the Compass of your Journey.”

— Doni Amoris

Private Sessions

Private sessions with Doni Amoris are designed to harmonize your relationship with Source/Spirit and to re-connect you with your soul’s fullest potential. This is achieved by utilizing time-proven energy healing techniques, energy code transmissions, sacred ceremonies, and more. 

learn more about Doni's Gifts in a personal call:

“I was drawn by Doni's passion, dedication, and integrity in how he approaches his spiritual work with precision and deep love.”

— Yantara Jiro, International Sound Healer

Soul energy


A Soul Portrait is as Sacred Mirror to remember your Divine Essence. More than just an image, these Soul Portraits are deep medicine. Doni Amoris connects with your personal energy and with your spiritual guides to channel an empowering image that reveals your internal power, light, and love.

“...tears came to my eyes. I could clearly see the internal power, light, and love that lives inside of me from an external viewpoint. Every time I sit with my Soul Portrait my whole being resonates with Harmony.”

— MaryBeth Hyland, Founder of SparkVision



Experience the magical scarves of Doni Amoris. The perfect union of color, energy, and prayer gives life to the scarves, giving your Soul wings to fly. The special energy embedded in each scarf harmonizes and protects your aura and light body, just like a magical angelic veil.

“This is not just a beautiful has healing powers!!! It's like a talisman...calling out the light of my inner Soul Essence!

— Alishina Lightning, Spiritual Biz Accelerator

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Soul Activation

Video Recording

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“Discover your Soul Essence and come Home.

— Doni Amoris

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