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Doni Amoris is the creator of the amazing and wearable spiritual technology of our time: The Illumination Scarves.


His scarves are worn by spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray, Birkan Tore and many more.





about doni

We live in extraordinary times. This is a sacred time to follow our heart's calling and co-create a world that supports the well-being and happiness of all. I feel so blessed to be able to share my gifts from my heart with you. I invite you to explore deeper how my sessions, scarves, and events can help you to reconnect with the fullest potential of your inner Light. 

What They Say

"We Love your scarves! What makes them so special are the sacred energies, the love and care that you have put into them. Truly conscious clothing!"

- Deva Premal & Miten

“This is not just a beautiful has healing powers!!! It's like a talisman...calling out the light of my inner Soul Essence!”

- Alishina Lightning


"Doni's scarves are like portals that help us to connect between the realms. I love to have mine around me when I am doing energy work."

- Kyle Gray

"The first experience with my scarf was an instant expansion of the aura, and a boost of my clairvoyance.  Thank you for creating this beautiful wearable piece of spiritual technology."

- Birkan Tore



Experience a wearable spiritual technology, proven to uplift the inner light and to deepen our Divine connection.


The perfect union of color, energy, and prayer gives life to the scarves, uplifting and protecting our light body, just like a magical and angelic veil...

Free Digital Download: Hathor and Stargazer - Soul Images & Meditations

Free Digital Download: Hathor and Stargazer - Soul Images & Meditations

Live Event:

Group Session to connect with the Blessings of DIVINE LIGHT

June 20th 2021


Empowerments to Awaken your Divine Potential

Private Sessions with Doni Amoris are designed to harmonize your relationship with the Divine to re-connect you with your soul’s fullest potential. 


This is achieved by utilizing time-proven energy healing techniques, connecting with Spiritual Guides, energy code transmissions, sacred ceremonies, and more... 

“I was drawn by Doni's passion, dedication, and integrity in how he approaches his spiritual work with precision and deep love.”

— Yantara Jiro, International Sound Healer

Soul Portraits

of your Divine Essence

The Soul Portrait reveals the intimate reality of your inner Light and your relationship with your spiritual guides, guardian angels or power animals/plants. 


The Soul Portrait is a channeled work of art created by Doni Amoris to be your personal Sacred Mirror...

“...tears came to my eyes. I could clearly see the internal power, light, and love that lives inside of me from an external viewpoint. Every time I sit with my Soul Portrait my whole being resonates with Harmony.”

— MaryBeth Hyland, Founder of SparkVision

Inspirations for your Journey

Writings, Interviews, and more by Doni Amoris

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What They Say

“Doni's universal loving energy provided a safe space, and I had some profound experiences and energy shifts.” 

- Avan Chan, Singapore

“Today is the first step in my new life. My soul feels very light and shining. ” 

- Yasuko Hatano, Japan

“Doni created such a sacred container for me to release some deep rooted trauma and he channeled some really special messages and symbols for me to work with going forward.”

- Ellie Seilern, UK

“For the first time in millennia’s I felt totally calm and relaxed and connected to my self. It was very emotional to reconnect with my guides and to receive all the magical gifts.” 

- Ali Fadi, Sweden

“Let the Wings of your Heart be the Compass of your Journey."

— Doni Amoris