Celestial Radiance


Blossoms dancing in the wind, unfolding gently, a sweetness of everlasting grace.


The Celestial Radiance scarf is blessed with the sacred water of Mt. Fuji-san and Sengen-Sama, goddess of cherry blossoms, Japan. 


Sengen-Sama, the Shinto goddess of cherry blossoms resides at Mt. Fuji, where she blesses a sacred well high up on the mountain with her everlasting grace.


Pink has a soft and gentle vibration that calms down and smoothes our way through life. It relates to unconditional love, beauty, compassion and humanitarian qualities. 


Recommended Practice


Give someone you love or a stranger a big hug while wearing Celestial Radiance. When you do this, do it from your heart with a smile. Breathe and feel. Optionally chant mantra below. Practice daily for a minimum of 21 days.


Mantra: "Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha"

Meaning: Abundance of beauty, prosperity, love, and creativity.


Color Infusion Benefits*


  • Lowers anxiety

  • Soothing the mind

  • Nourishing qualities of gentleness and love


Made with love in Italy. 

• Soft Italian modal fabric like silk 
• 100% plant based fiber 
• Use only skin-friendly dyes

 130 x 200 cm - 100% Modal

Celestial Radiance

  • Store your item flat and untied. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning.


    You may also very gently hand-wash your item using cold water. Dry flat horizontally (towel underneath). To straighten fabric, steam gently.

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