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The Three Divine Gifts of Shamanic Wisdom

Level 2
Online Training 

Transform your Consciousness, Transform your Life.


Anchor 1

Train your intuitive channels to access the flow of Universal Wisdom

Deepen your divine service work to usher in the new Golden Age with your own soul wisdom and gifts


Care for your body, mind, and soul to strengthen your own Spirit Connection 


 Learn about shamanic healing herbs and discover your own medicine soul gift


Practice divination readings to channel information important for your life and those around you


Receive energy transmissions, sacred ceremonies and much more!


"Together, as a collective of radiant hearts, we can ascend towards greater planetary harmony and love. I look forward to be in Sacred Space with you and co-create an amazing experience!" - Doni Amoris

The Great Divine Spirit, Mother Earth, and Father Sky unite to call out the light of our heart. Across the globe spiritual practitioners and shamans are invited to deepen their spiritual practice with the three divine gifts of Shamanic Wisdom.

The blessings of Pachamama, the guidance of Father Sky, and the light of our Divine Self will assist us to deepen our skills for personal healing and open our divine service work as a Shaman of the new Golden Age.


Each class consists of a lecture, practical hands-on ceremonies, and a channeled shamanic soul journey to transmit empowering energy codes and messages. Homework and follow-up Q&A sessions are provided to deepen the transformational time together in the Sacred Space of this course.


At the end of the course, students will have gained a deeper knowledge of how to apply Shamanic Wisdom to uplift their life. This includes shamanic energy healing, sacred ceremonies, and the art of divination reading, with the intent to support a positive shift.  


MODULE 1: Gifts of Pachamama

Talking to plants is one way of directly talking to Spirit. Step into the Sacred Circle to discover and to remember the gifts of Pachamama, our Mother Earth. With her unconditional love she provides to us all that we need. In this class you will learn how to care of your body, mind, and soul to strengthen your own Spirit Connection and divination powers.


  • Discover shamanic herbs and practices for your joyful healthy life ahead by working with the plant teachers

  • Learn how to open an energy vortex to support healing & transformation at home, at work, and in Nature

  • Go on a shamanic soul journey to receive the blessings and guidance of Pachamama

  • Explore how your shamanic practice can support your friends and loved ones

MODULE 2: Gifts of Father Sky

Look up to Father Sky, the sun, the moon, and receive the blessings of all the stars in the river of the Milky Way galaxy. From the celestial realm receive divine light and guidance to open and strengthen your Spirit Connection. In this class you will learn how to deepen your intuitive channels and access the always flowing universal wisdom of your star ancestors.


  • Learn how to strengthen your Spirit Connection 

  • Introduction to shamanic divination reading and practice

  • Go on a shamanic soul journey to receive the blessings of Father Sky and the Council of Light

  • Connect with the wisdom of the sun, the moon and beyond

  • Discover spiritual tools and crystals to support the opening of your intuitive channels

Module 3: Gifts of Divine Self

Within the energy matrix of your divine self, the light of your heart and soul, resides a beautiful gift. A medicine gift that your soul came to share here on earth for the highest good of all. A spark of divine light that can change your world. In this class you will further learn how to work with your intuition and spirit connection, by working with a divination stone and a pendulum.


  • Deepen your intuition and your spirit connection to channel information important for your life and those around you

  • Practice how to work with a divination stone and a pendulum

  • Go on a shamanic soul journey to receive the blessings of your Divine Self

  • Discover your medicine soul gift and integrate it into your shamanic practice

  • Guidance and insights for the birthing the new Golden Age

Module 4: Despacho Ceremony

The Despacho Ceremony is a shamanic ceremony of gratitude in which we will arrange a prayer offering in form of flowers and small things from Nature. The purpose of such is to give thanks to the Spirit World for their guidance and blessings and to bring into focus our co-creative energies for success in future projects and manifestations. The Despacho itself will serve as our entryway to go on a shamanic soul journey with the intention to bring the blessings home. This final class intends to leave students with a feeling of renewed clarity, direction, and purpose for their life journeys ahead.

  • Learn how to build your own Despacho and the ways that it can bring healing, clarity, and purpose to yourself and the Earth

  • Go on a shamanic soul journey to connect with your inner wisdom

  • Spiritual guidance to support and to integrate your learnings for the road ahead

What is included in the  course? 

Experiential Training

Each class has a lecture and practical hands-on training followed by a guided and channeled shamanic soul journey. 

Energy Transmission

During the shamanic soul journeys, Doni Amoris will channel energy medicine and star language to transmit beautiful and empowering energy codes and activations directly into your heart chakra. 

Months of Learning

This self-paced online training consists of 4 classes, each over 100 minutes in lenght. Homework in between classes is provided for deeper study. 

Video Recordings

All classes are recorded. You can watch the recording and receive the full benefit of the teachings and transmissions. Just open your heart and mind! 

Certificate of Completion

After completing the course, you will receive a Shamanic Wisdom Level 2 certificate from Doni Amoris.

Sacred Circle Community

Sharing sacred space and journeys together bonds us as a spiritual family. Opportunities are provided to exchange knowledge and to share your experiences with fellow participants. 



"Deep gratitude for Doni's offerings, he is truly a loving light guiding us back home. And through the magic of Shamanism I have a deeper understanding & connection to the subtle mystic energies of our world and beyond.  We are blessed with his teachings!"

- Maria Torres, Netherlands

"Doni's deep connection to the wisdom of Shamanism and beyond gave me tools and guided me to the Shaman within me: to that inner place that has always has been there, always been waiting to come alive, to live in love and light and to share my inner medicine with others in gratitude."

- Teonea Anionëini, Sweden

"Doni, I didn’t think it was going to be as powerful because it was being done virtually.  But, with you at the helm of the starship, it was almost like you were next to me."

- Mark Eric, USA

Your Guide & Teacher

Doni Amoris_edited.jpg
Doni Amoris 

Mystical and heart-opening experiences can change your life forever. Through shamanic initiations, healing ceremonies, and practical spirituality we can all come to the realization of our co-creative nature. This realization is the turning point towards living our fullest potential. 


Through spirit connection and deep heart realizations, shaman and mystic visionary artist Doni Amoris has created a unique form of Shamanism, updated to the current age of global Awakening and Transformation.


Besides teaching internationally, Doni Amoris is also the creator of spiritual Illumination Technologies loved by over 1,200 famous spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Alberto Villoldo, Giselle aka Birkan Tore, Kyle Gray, Diana Cooper, Tim Whild, Yantara Jiro and many more. 

Join and we  plant a Tree 



The trees are our brothers and sisters and are essential for our wellbeing on so many levels. Let us together envision and create a more green world in which our children and grandchildren can live in greater harmony with Nature.

Find out more about it here.



The aim is to exceed your expectations with this course. Students who come to the course with an open heart and practice the teachings, will walk away with experiences and tools that benefit them for many years to come. If you don't like the course for whatever reason, or feel you haven't learned what you had hoped for, please get in touch about a refund here.

Please note that this course does not replace necessary medical advice or treatment. For spontaneous enlightenment, please consult the inner guru of your choice.

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