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Celestial Origins 

Explore the Origin of Life and the Infinite Space of your Consciousness



Activate the secret codes of your Star Consciousness to align with Divine Will 


Experience channeled meetings with our Star Family to receive empowering messages and guidance


Open and express the gift of your own Star-Language, a spiritual technology to birth the New Golden Age


Come to a deeper understanding of your cosmic connections and purpose within the Universe


Discover the origin of life on Earth and Beyond as ways to connect with your True Self


Group sharing and homework between sessions will deepen the transformative medicine of the course 


"This special series of group sessions is all about to come into greater alignment with our true self. The deeper we come to intuitively understand and connect with our true potential and the sacred flow of life, the more we are in touch with our co-creative nature. The more we can express our soul potential and live a life in greater alignment with the Divine. A deep knowing beyond the mind starts at the Source, our Cosmic Origin. We are made of Stardust." - Doni Amoris


In the beginning, there was Light.


Earth in her early life was covered in molten magma. Some say that over time asteroids from the vast space of the Universe came to introduce water and organic matter to Earth. Others say that Earth was visited many times by our extraterrestrial family, bringing life to Earth.


In my heart, both is true.


But some questions remain…


From where did this water and organic material, such as DNA building blocks originate from?  Who are our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters? How can we deepen our connection with them and synchronize with the starlight that shines from our heart? …



Celestial Origins is a series of meditation journeys which include channelings, lectures, and group sharing, to discover our stellar origins and the hidden gems residing in our consciousness.



Stargate of Avalon

Sacred Intention – Direction – Magic

Stepping onto the path and into the light, we reach a place full of magical wonder – the Stargate of Avalon. A place of embodied Divinity, a sacred space for humankind’s collective transformation, and an inner plane to learn from Merlin, the white wizard of Avalon, about our past and future starlit cosmic pathways.

Celestial Abode of Goddess Tara

Star Wisdom – Compassion – Liberation

By the grace of Goddess Tara, we enter a blissful union of star wisdom and compassion, and we liberate that which no longer serves us on our life’s journey. From this liberation, we experience a feeling of ease and joyful expansion of our inner Starlight, moving forward with greater divine guidance and protection.

Star Nations Pleiades & Sirius 

Activation – Creation – Time Travel

Step into the Sacred Circle to meet the ancient time-keepers and activators for the new Golden New Age. As it has been foretold in prophecies from long ago, we enter a time of great change and a time where we meet our true self again. Our Star Family is calling us forward on this path of inner realizations.

Asteria - Mother Star of Atlantis

Divine Love – Protection – Clarity

We have been looking for Atlantis on this earth since ancient times. We have yet to look up to the heavens for its true origin. In the presence of the Mother Star of Atlantis we are embraced with the life-giving energies of the Universe. The Mother Star shines with its everlasting light, so that we may actualize our soul-aligned path in this world.

Star of Shambhala

Enlightenment - Peace - Perfection

On the wings of the Cosmic OM we ascend towards the heavenly Star of Shambhala to commune with the Buddha of the Future: Maitreya. I AM. The future is now. Inner peace washes over us and we step into the power of Now to be fully awakened co-creators in the great mystery of Life. OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti OM.