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Spring Equinox Transmission


March 20, 2024
Live on Zoom + Recording

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in Sacred Space we co-create a new vision and dream our life into being. 

Join shamanic teachers and mesa carriers Doni Amoris, Birgit Sperling Stearns, and Lenny Stearns for a free immersive shamanic experience of healing and empowerment.


Together we will open sacred space and guide you on a soul journey to the Shaman’s Tree (Tree of Life) to receive three energy gifts – seeds of light.


The bestowed energy gifts encompass tremendous potential to evolve and positively influence our life path.


Divine beings, spirit animals, and other ethereal guides may appear during this meditative journey to impart powerful insights and reminders to aid our development and enhance our joy-filled existence.

In this 60-minute free event you will:


  • Master a sublime breathing technique to support your divine connection with the Great Divine Spirit

  • Experience Sacred Space and the energy that it provides to those who walk the path of Munay (Love & Light)

  • Embark on a shamanic soul journey to the Shaman’s Tree and receive three energy gifts to empower your life

  • Discover how to cultivate the three energy gifts and implement them into your spiritual practice

  • Receive support, understanding, and inspirations for the next steps in your life journey

  • Community sharing after the journey to complete the energy cycle

Register here to reserve your free spot and get access to the LIVE broadcast on ZOOM and the recording.


Divinely timed to be in the space of the rising Blue Moon, a celestial portal of energies opens.


Blue Moon Gathering

LIVE on March 20, 2024 at 10:00 GMT

(Click to check your time)

Event recording will be emailed to you by the following day. The recording will be available for 12 sacred days to maximize the energy of the teachings offered.

Get your free ticket here:

About the Host

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Birgit and Lenny have a deep connection to the Spirit World, sacred teachings, and walk the path of the Shaman. They share their wisdom to a global audience via classes and private sessions. Learn more about how their work can support your life, click here. 

Doni has studied the shamanic path for many years, following the footsteps of his parents, Birgit and Lenny. He is passionate to share spiritual healing through his artistry, sessions, and online courses.   

We look forward to share a Sacred Space and a nourishing experience of connection with you soon.

Join us and let’s have a sacred time together!

With love and blessings,
Doni, Birgit and Lenny

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