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Divine Light Soul Journeys

Journeys of Light

with Doni Amoris

360 minutes of Recordings

Study from the comfort of your home

The Divine Light that this Journey offers:

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Connect deeper with the Light within.

Receive channeled messages, divinely timed inspirations, and inner clearings to initiate your expanded joyful life ahead.


Divine Timing serves as our energy point to start this special series of soul journeys, which include channeled journeys to the Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu, Divine Dragon Ryujin, Goddess of Cherry Blossoms, and the Goddess Benzaiten. Learn more about the extraordinary Japanese spirituality in this coruse of light.


Experience how Doni Amoris channels waves of light codes, star language, and shamanic energy medicine, all in combination with enchanting music to bring the blessings home to you. After the soul journey participants are invited to share their experience to deepen the transformative medicine of this co-created space.

The Journeys that we will embark on:



Enlightenment - Divine Guidance - True Self

90 minutes

Elevate your Light and Awaken your Divine Joy with the Japanese Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu. Amaterasu is the eternal Mother of Light. Amaterasu uplifts our being to the highest level of consciousness. In her light, we find guidance and clarity to grow and to connect with our true joyful illuminated self.



Healing - Inner Peace - Freedom

90 minutes

Embrace the Freedom and the Power of being in the Divine Flow. Connect with Ryujin, the divine dragon of the Ocean and master of Effortless Flow. Ryujin elevates and purifies our consciousness to live in greater harmony, in the divine flow, and with great inner Peace.



Love - Divine Connection – Beauty

 90 minutes

Discover your Youthful Radiance and Divine Beauty with the Japanese Goddess of Cherry Blossoms. Bathe in the light codes of celestial beauty and everlasting grace. The Goddess of Cherry Blossoms embraces us with divine love to unfold our true beauty, deepest love and fullest life energy.



Divine Wisdom - Creativity – Abundance

90 minutes

Embody the Wisdom of Source-Creation and Abundance with the Goddess Saraswati (Benzaiten), the great mother of heavenly wisdom. Awaken our highest potential for a life of divinely-aligned creativity, self-expression and Good Fortune on all levels.  


"Together, as a collective of radiant hearts, we can ascend towards greater planetary harmony and love. I look forward to be in Sacred Space with you and co-create an amazing experience!" - Doni Amoris

What is included ? 

Experiential Training

Each class has a short lecture, followed by a guided and channeled soul journey, and concludes with group sharing. 

Energy Transmission

During the divine light soul journeys, Doni Amoris will channel timeless energy medicine and star language to transmit beautiful and empowering energy codes and activations directly into your heart chakra. 

Video Recordings

Lifetime access to the recordings allows for deeper study and integration. You can watch the recording and receive the full benefit of the teachings and transmissions. Just open your heart and mind! 


"I really felt that we were holding hands together...It was a fantastic experience....and great to remind me how we can unconditionally cherish and love each other." 

- Yukari North, Australia

"Doni's universal loving energy provided a safe space, and I had some profound experiences and energy shifts,..."

- Avan Chan, Sinagpore

“My tears were there during the meditation and prayers due to the deep connection and unconditional love that was flowing."

– Anita Ryderstedt, Sweden

"Thank you for such a beautiful session of heart healing. You have blossomed into such an incredible Teacher and source of Love Light."

- Deb Heisel, USA

"Thank you Doni, that was just amazing and just so rejuvenating! Thank you for creating and holding such a beautiful space for me to remember and reconnect with my inner light."

- Monica Hayes, USA


“It was such a lovely deep and intense energy. Bless your heart, I am forever grateful to you.”

– Karmel, Denmark

What They Say

Your Guide & Teacher

Doni Amoris_edited.jpg
Doni Amoris 

Mystical and heart-opening experiences can change your life forever. Through shamanic initiations, healing ceremonies, and practical spirituality we can all come to the realization of our co-creative nature. This realization is the turning point towards living our fullest potential. 


Through spirit connection and deep heart realizations, shaman and mystic visionary artist Doni Amoris has created a unique form of Shamanism, updated to the current age of global Awakening and Transformation.


Besides teaching internationally, Doni Amoris is also the creator of spiritual Illumination Technologies loved by over 1,200 famous spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Alberto Villoldo, Giselle aka Birkan Tore, Kyle Gray, Diana Cooper, Tim Whild, Yantara Jiro and many more. 

Join and we  plant a Tree 



The trees are our brothers and sisters and are essential for our wellbeing on so many levels. Let us together envision and create a more green world in which our children and grandchildren can live in greater harmony with Nature.

Find out more about it here.



The aim is to exceed your expectations with this course. Students who come to the course with an open heart and practice the teachings, will walk away with experiences and tools that benefit them for many years to come. If you don't like the course for whatever reason, or feel you haven't learned what you had hoped for, please get in touch about a refund here.

Please note that this course does not replace necessary medical advice or treatment. For spontaneous enlightenment, please consult the inner guru of your choice.

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