Divinely Guided Group Sessions




Visionary Journeys with Doni Amoris are in alignment with Sacred Intentions to provide space for receiving unexpected Gifts, activations, and inner transformations.

About Visionary Jounreys

Visionary Journeys are online group sessions that provide a Sacred Space for us to connect to our inner Light. In the space of a deep and beautiful channeled meditation journey, Doni will guide us to connect with the energy of different Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Angels, and many other Beings of Light.

In tune with Native American Energy Medicine and Light Language Doni Amoris will be a clear channel to transmit beautiful and empowering energy codes and activations directly into our heart and soul. Each session provides divine messages and inspirations, which will assist and empower us forward on our own life journey.  

At the end, there will be a chance to ask a question to Doni Amoris and he will channel a message for you. It is the energy of the group, that opens up New Pathways, allowing us to walk each other Home. 

Intention of the Journey

The intention of the next group session is to connect with the blessings of the Goddess Flora. 


Gently dancing in the wind, a blossom unfolds. Gazing upon its pure beauty and abundant energy, we feel blessed by the Goddess Flora, the ancient Roman goddess of flowers and fruits. When we attune ourselves to the vibration of Goddess Flora, we realize that there is always a space of infinite beauty and abundance available for us. Let us tap into this space of abundance and manifest flowering beauty upon the world.

Doni Amoris will be a clear conduit for us to receive...

  • Purification of our Spiritual Channel

  • Goddess Flora energy activations & initiations

  • Spiritual guidance & channeled messages by Doni

  • A recording of the session will provide 7 sacred days for us to expand and deepen our inner work

"We are always divinely guided, loved, and protected. With much love and gratitude. Hope to see you soon!" -


"My soul is very light and shining. Today is the first step in my new life."

— Yasuko Hatano, Japan


May 22nd 2021

Connect with the Blessings of Goddess Flora

Live on ZOOM

Max. 12 Participants

~ 90 minutes

Berlin: 2pm

New York: 8AM

Sydney: 10PM

Other Times

For those who are unable to attend on the day, there will be a recording available for 7 sacred days. Anyone who signs up will be included in the energy work and receive the blessings provided. 


Energy Exchange

A scholarship is available for those struggling in these difficult times.

(please send a private message)



"I really felt that we were holding hands together...It was a fantastic experience....and great to remind me how we can unconditionally cherish and love each other." 

- Yukari North, Australia

"Doni's universal loving energy provided a safe space, and I had some profound experiences and energy shifts,..."

- Avan Chan, Sinagpore

“My tears were there during the meditation and prayers due to the deep connection and unconditional love that was flowing."

– Anita Ryderstedt, Sweden

"Thank you for such a beautiful session of heart healing. You have blossomed into such an incredible Teacher and source of Love Light."

- Deb Heisel, USA

"Thank you Doni, that was just amazing and just so rejuvenating! Thank you for creating and holding such a beautiful space for me to remember and reconnect with my inner light."

- Monica Hayes, USA


“It was such a lovely deep and intense energy. Bless your heart, I am forever grateful to you.”

– Karmel, Denmark

What They Say

Doni Amoris.jpg

About Doni Amoris

Doni Amoris is the creator of the amazing and wearable spiritual technology of our time: The Scarves of Illumination. His scarves are worn to call out the light of our inner soul essence, to support the beauty, the vitality, and the awakening of our inner Light. 

His work is loved by an ever-growing global family of light and is worn by spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Alberto Villoldo, Kyle Gray, Birkan Tore and many more. Doni’s art has appeared in galleries, major department stores, and in a TV show in Japan. 


Doni Amoris has also designed several unique sessions and workshops to help other people to access their original Soul Essence. His core concept is to facilitate an opening of the heart – to inspire an exchange of divine heart energy - towards building a beautiful life with wonderful connections. 

After you have a deep connection with Doni Amoris he can help you to find your own soul color, soul partner, and connect you with your own spiritual guides.  

Doni Amoris strongly believes that the realization of our co-creative nature is the turning point towards a renewed commitment to living our fullest potential. Together, as a collective of radiant hearts, we can ascend towards greater planetary harmony and love.