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Group Session to Connect with the Blessings of Mother Earth

LIVE on ZOOM + Recording
September 23 2023

Join the renowned mystic visionary artist and shaman, Doni Amoris, on the Autumn Equinox for an immersive divinely guided group session. In a Sacred Space we gather to connect with the blessings of Pachamama, our beloved Mother Earth.

Together we will go on a channeled soul journey to connect deeply with the Spirit of Mother Earth. Pachamama holds tremendous love and healing power for all her children. She is the mother of us all, providing all we need to live a healthy and happy life. 

In deep connection with the Spirit of Pachamama participants will receive personal messages and energy gifts that will help us to grow and to appreciate our life in a new way, and in a new light.

The Autumn Equinox is also sacred time to deeply appreciate all the blessings that we have received in our life and give thanks to Mother Earth and the Great Divine Spirit. Doing so serves us as a special mark in time to complete an important energy cycle and embark on our next step in life. 


Group Sessions with Doni Amoris are in alignment with Sacred Intentions to provide space for receiving unexpected gifts, activations, and inner transformations.

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The energy transmissions and activations that unfold during group sessions are unique to each person and will unfold their full potential in divine timing. The visions and messages that you may receive hold profound potential to heal, liberate, and activate certain parts of your life. This means that the healing power of the session will continue for weeks and months to come. 

In conclusion, each participant will be given the chance to share and ask one question. Doni will receive your question and channel an answer for you. The questions asked and Doni’s channeled answers are always beneficial to the entire group of participants.

This session is not a regular guided meditation. It is an experience that provides Medicine for your Soul, and a space where miracles may become real! 



Group Session

September 23, 2023
Live on ZOOM + Recording

~ 90 minutes

Max. 12 Participants

Berlin: 2pm
New York: 8am
Singapore: 8pm
Other Location Times

For those who are unable to attend on the day, there will be a recording available for 21 sacred days. Everyone who signs up will be included in the energy work and receive the blessings provided. 

Energy Exchange

A scholarship is available for one person in need of support in these difficult times. (please send a private message)

What They Say

"I really felt that we were holding hands together...It was a fantastic experience....and great to remind me how we can unconditionally cherish and love each other." 

- Yukari North, Australia

"Doni's universal loving energy provided a safe space, and I had some profound experiences and energy shifts,..."

- Avan Chan, Sinagpore

“My tears were there during the meditation and prayers due to the deep connection and unconditional love that was flowing."

– Anita Ryderstedt, Sweden

"Thank you for such a beautiful session of heart healing. You have blossomed into such an incredible Teacher and source of Love Light."

- Deb Heisel, USA

"Thank you Doni, that was just amazing and just so rejuvenating! Thank you for creating and holding such a beautiful space for me to remember and reconnect with my inner light."

- Monica Hayes, USA


“It was such a lovely deep and intense energy. Bless your heart, I am forever grateful to you.”

– Karmel, Denmark

Your Guide & Teacher

Doni Amoris_edited.jpg
Doni Amoris 

Mystical and heart-opening experiences can change your life forever. Through shamanic initiations, healing ceremonies, and practical spirituality we can all come to the realization of our co-creative nature. This realization is the turning point towards living our fullest potential. 


Through spirit connection and deep heart realizations, shaman and mystic visionary artist Doni Amoris has created a unique form of Shamanism, updated to the current age of global Awakening and Transformation.


Besides teaching internationally, Doni Amoris is also the creator of spiritual Illumination Scarves loved by over 1,200 famous spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Alberto Villoldo, Tim Whild, Kyle Gray, Diana Cooper, Yantara Jiro and many more. 

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