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Plant spiritual seeds during Springtime.

Plant spiritual seeds during Springtime.

Dear Friend, as we embrace another spring season it is the perfect time to rid our lives of what no longer serves us to make room for new and exciting events ahead of us. No wonder it is called a spring cleaning, but not only our houses should be cleaned. We also have the opportunity to clean our spiritual aspects of ourselves too.

March and April are the months of rebirth and we can see there are various ways to rise again, to fill yourself with the fresh energy all around us. Let me share a few inspirations with you for this important time in 2021.

What we plant now will grow and return back to us in Divine timing.

Follow Your Heart

It is time to plant seeds, some plant in the ground and others in their soul. Which one will you choose? This time I will talk about planting in your soul. This is the perfect time to plant deep roots within yourself. The seed is within you but not every seed grows into a beautiful flower. To bear fruit later in life one must realise the importance to plant seeds early in the spring or other words, early in life.

It is never too late to start NOW. My guidance for you is a simple one; “Follow your heart.” It is a perfect time to look within and remember who you are, what are your natural gifts and superpowers. Nurture your inner voice to speak louder, to guide you on the path to liberation and purpose. This is the perfect time to learn new skills, attend a course you always wanted to do and these days you can learn alot from online. It is time to let go of what no longer serves your highest self and invite new beginnings.

Head to the great outdoors to recharge your spirit and body.

Spring is the alchemy of life at its finest, the symphony of nature performs to us every morning upon waking up but it is our choice to listen to the music of nature or not. The best way to do so is to open up windows, let the fresh air in and listen to the music of the birds. Even better if you can leave the house and head to explore the great outdoors.

Pack a picnic and head to nature, look around for various colours of the spring blossoms, while having a stroll in the park. Go for a hike over the weekend and emerge into the beauty of flowers, look at their various shapes and colours, learn to adore nature's gifts and pray to have some of the natural beauty for yourself. Spending time outdoors will certainly recharge your spirit and body.

Balance your body with detoxifying foods

Balance your body by Detoxing it by eating organic vegetables and fruits of the season. Pot your herbs, put them on your window sill and watch the magic happen. Your body will be grateful since it is preparing to be active again after the winter slumber. Nurture it with wholesome foods, colourful greens and drink plenty of water or herbal tea in the morning. Plan ahead your meals, prepare in advance and remember that all that you do is for your personal highest good.

We are what we eat. We become what we think. It’s all connected.

Wishing you a wonderful time!

With love and blessings,


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