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Allfather Odin

Allfather Odin


Allfather Odin

Mastery – Wisdom – Manifestation


May the Divine Power of the Allfather Odin awaken your inner eye as you move through layers of ancient energetic clearings. May Universal Wisdom arise from Within. The eternal cosmic light of the All-Seeing Eye sends spirals of light codes into your heart and soul to awaken the One who ascends to embody Enlightenment.


Allfather Odin, Light of the Aesir, Master of the sacred Runes of Creation, embrace us with your mantle of magic made manifest. The holy trinity of the valknut symbol and the embedded light codes make the scarf of the Allfather Odin a potent bringer of light. In this light, all things from the heart shall grow and unfold in Divine Time. Like the spear of heaven that Odin carries, the energy matrix of this scarf will pierce through limiting patterns and karmic bonds, revealing what lies below the surface: deepest peace, universal consciousness, and blissful wisdom.


Let this veil of divine resonance, self-mastery, and sovereignty elevate your soul. Embedded in this magical physical manifestation of wisdom and self-empowerment you will receive the energy of the written bind rune, “Manifestation of Divine Consciousness”. These are Odin’s words to you: Within your Light you carry the Wisdom of All Times. You are the Past, the Now and the Future combined. Blessed be, beloved Being of Light. You are here NOW with your unique gifts to help co-create the new Golden Age.


The perfect union of divine energy, sacred color, and prayer gives life to the scarf to become your personal bridge to connect with the Allfather Odin. The Allfather Odin scarf is carefully blessed with holy water taken from the Kings Mounds in Old Uppsala, Sweden and is activated by Doni Amoris, Lovisa Alvtörn and Tim Whild to support your highest good.


Recommended Practice


Find a sacred space outside in Nature. This can be anywhere on a beach, the shore of a lake, a field or some beautiful woodland. Standing tall and strong, place the scarf of Odin around your shoulders. Place your feet shoulder width apart with your chin raised and your head held high…place your right hand upon your heart and begin to breathe deeply…in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat this three times and as you do so call out either out loud or in your head to the mighty Allfather Odin.


Feel Odin's scarf around you beginning to glow with powerful blue light as the Allfather connects to you and places his blessing and his energy within your bodies and fields. Allow yourself the space now to be fully supported and nurtured in whatever capacity that you are needing the most.


Do you need courage? Do you need strength? Do you yearn for the energy of deep love and protection? Do you wish for a powerful guide for your ascension pathway? Do you require the wisdom of the Allfather to assist you as you step into your own power and Light? Whatever it is that you need the most you will find deep support and grace in the love of Odin as his energy flows through the magic of the scarf to blend with your body and spiritual fields.


Next, allow your body to relax now and take a seat upon some grass in the open space. As you relax and soften feel the scarf around your shoulders holding you as a strong, wise friend. Breathe and know that you are held by the highest wisdom of the Norse Gods as the rune of the Manifestation of Divine Consciousness activates. This will serve to ignite your innate cosmic wisdom which is your guiding light upon your Master Pathway.


Color Infusion Benefits


  • Vitality builder
  • Harmonizes energy flow
  • Activates inner peace and clarity
  • Increases intuitive powers


This beautiful creation has been completely infused with blessings and high vibrational energies at every step of the way and will continue to be blessed in the future as well.


  • The Odin scarf is made with Love
  • Italian fabric: 85% modal, 15% silk
  • Oeko-tex certified. Good for you and the Earth
  • Dry cleaning
  • Made in Italy, 140 x 180cm


  • Taking Care

    Store your item flat and untied. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning.

  • Specs

    Made in Italy

    140 x 180cm 

    85% Modal, 15% Italian Silk

  • Returns

    Because your scarf is made to order and blessed a return is not possible. All sales are final. Should your scarf arrive damaged an exchange of unused product within 15 days of delivery may be available. 

  • Purchase Terms

    Each scarf is unique due to the weaving process of the fabric and may have slight variations in color.

    There might be minor irregularities in the weaving structure or print of the scarf, which do not reduce the value or energy of the scarf.

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