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Light of Lemuria

Light of Lemuria


Light of Lemuria

Activation, Foundation, 5D Light Anchor


From the brilliant gates of Telos, timeless Lemurian codes of light shine forth. Codes of Divine Light envelop you with the blessings of the Great Central Sun. In the Light of Lemuria, we come home. The Lemurian light codes guide you to receive exactly what you need to grow at this time on your spiritual journey. The wisdom within awakens. In the Light of Lemuria, every heart and soul is uplifted for the good of all, ushering in the New Golden Age.


When you wear the Light of Lemuria energy scarf, the embedded light codes serve as the energy needed to cultivate your 5D body. The codes of celestial light provide energetic support to strengthen and to build your spiritual foundation. This process of spiritually tuning up your physical and etheric body, guides you to attune with increasingly higher vibrations, becoming a 5D Light Anchor yourself. By shining the loving light within, we can truly transform our life and the world.  


Encoded in this sacred veil of Divine Light, you will receive potent Lemurian codes, sacred colors, and activations for your highest good. Among the many blessings of this scarf, you also receive the energy of divine wisdom to illuminate your path and to serve those around you with the purest light of love, oneness, and healing. The iridescent golden rays provide a shield of light to protect yourself and those around you from lower vibrations.


The perfect union of divine energy, golden yellow, iridescent rainbow colors, and our sincere prayer awakens the energy matrix of the scarf. May it serve as your sacred talisman to connect with the blessings of Lemuria. The Light of Lemuria scarf is lovingly charged with a special Lemurian crystal from Mount Shasta and is activated by Doni Amoris and Tim Whild to support your joy and spiritual journey.



Recommended Practice


Drape your Light of Lemuria scarf around your shoulders and feel the fabric against your skin. Close your eyes and take a moment to attune to the energy of the scarf. Take deep, slow breaths to ground yourself in the present moment. Visualize a beam of golden light extending from the base of your spine into the heart of the Earth, creating a strong foundation. Now, feel this golden light rising from the Earth, through your body, and upwards towards the cosmos, aligning you with the celestial light of Lemuria.


This alignment opens the radiant gates of Telos before you. Breathe in a soft, warm light emerging from these gates, carrying the blissful Lemurian codes of light towards you. Welcome this light into your being.


Feel the embedded light codes from the scarf activating, cultivating your 5D body. The celestial codes work like energetic beams, reinforcing your spiritual foundation, tuning up your physical and etheric bodies. Breathe in love, breathe out light, become an anchor of divine illumination for yourself and the world. You are being imbued with the energy of divine wisdom, illuminating your path and equipping you to serve those around you with the purest light of love, oneness, and healing.


Feel the iridescent golden rays of the scarf encasing you, acting as a shield against lower vibrations. You are protected, you are loved, you are a part of the cosmic dance of oneness. Take a few moments to sit with these vibrations, letting them seep into the very core of your being. When ready, send out a prayer of gratitude, and come back to this time and space.



Color Infusion Benefits

  • Vitality builder
  • Emotional uplift
  • Energy purifier
  • Increases intuitive powers


This beautiful creation has been completely infused with blessings and high vibrational energies at every step of the way, and will continue to be blessed in the future as well.


  • Made with Love in Italy
  • 100% finest Italian silk
  • 138cm x 178cm
  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Dry cleaning
  • Taking Care

    Store your item flat and untied. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning.

  • Specs

    Made with Love in Italy

    100% finest Italian silk

    138cm x 178cm

    Oeko-tex certified

    Dry cleaning

  • Returns

    Because your scarf is made to order and blessed a return is not possible. All sales are final. Should your scarf arrive damaged an exchange of unused product within 15 days of delivery may be available. 

  • Purchase Terms

    Each scarf is unique due to the weaving process of the fabric and may have slight variations in color.

    There might be minor irregularities in the weaving structure or print of the scarf, which do not reduce the value or energy of the scarf.

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