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Mermaid of Lemuria

Mermaid of Lemuria


Mermaid of Lemuria

Joy, Abundance, Creativity


Mermaid of Lemuria, Divine Sister, may your song of Heart Freedom elevate our being. In the vibration of your timeless heart-song, we are called to surrender, to trust, and to go with the Divine Flow. The mermaids, our divine sisters of Lemuria, they call us home and into a flow state of higher creativity, abundance, and joy.


When you wear the Mermaid of Lemuria energy scarf, the Ocean of Infinite Bliss embraces and uplifts your light body and aligns you with the song of your heart. You are being gifted the energy of the Divine Flow. Mermaid light codes of higher joy, effortless abundance, and inspired creativity weave into your auric fields. May we rise and shine together with our divine sisters and brothers on Earth, the Stars, and Beyond.


Encoded in this sacred veil of the Mermaids, you will receive Lemurian codes, the energy of sacred colors, and activations for your highest good. Among the many energy gifts to be received are also codes to support the letting go of resistance, to allow the Divine Flow to enter your life, and to step forward into your co-creative powers to share your light and soul gifts with the world.


The perfect union of divine energy, colors of sea green, soft blues, rainbow pink, and our sincere prayer awakens the energy matrix of the scarf.  May it serve as your anchor to connect with the blessings of the Mermaids. The Mermaid of Lemuria scarf is lovingly charged with a special Lemurian crystal from Mount Shasta and is activated by Doni Amoris and Sophia Shanti to support your joy and spiritual journey.



Recommended Practice


Wrap the Mermaid of Lemuria scarf around you. Close your eyes and take a moment to center yourself. Begin by taking a deep breath in, hold for a moment, and then exhale slowly. Repeat this, taking your time to really feel your body and the breath. This is your moment of tranquility.


Visualize a soft, warm light that radiates from your heart. Imagine this light as a song - your joyful heart song. It's bright, serene, and harmonious. As the music of your heart plays, see yourself surrounded by the vast, endless ocean. You feel its deep connection, its eternal rhythm.


From the ocean's depths, you feel a call, a divine connection with your sisters of the sea. The Mermaids of Lemuria, ancient and wise, are guiding you, singing a lullaby that harmonizes with the song of your heart. They are calling you home to a flow state of higher creativity and abundance.


As you listen to their song, you sense a heightened creative power within you, a flow that is endless and abundant like the ocean. This is the Flow of Spirit. Let it envelop you. Let it hold you. Feel the peace it brings, the wisdom it imparts, and the guidance it offers.


Allow yourself to trust the Mermaids of Lemuria, your divine sisters of the sea. Surrender to their song, surrender to your journey. Your path may be hidden within the waves, yet it unfolds before you, led by the melody of your joyful heart.


Breathe in this trust, breathe in this divine connection. Trust that you are on a sacred journey, a journey guided by love, wisdom, and the song of your joyful heart. Know that you are always at the right place, at the right time.

When you're ready, you can slowly open your eyes, carrying this serene connection with you as you navigate through your day.



Color Infusion Benefits

  • Vitality builder
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Purifies and rejuvenates
  • Increases intuitive powers


This beautiful creation has been completely infused with blessings and high vibrational energies at every step of the way, and will continue to be blessed in the future as well.


  • Made with Love in Italy
  • 100% finest Italian silk
  • 138cm x 178cm
  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Dry cleaning
  • Taking Care

    Store your item flat and untied. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning.

  • Specs

    Made with Love in Italy

    100% finest Italian silk

    138cm x 178cm

    Oeko-tex certified

    Dry cleaning

  • Returns

    Because your scarf is made to order and blessed a return is not possible. All sales are final. Should your scarf arrive damaged an exchange of unused product within 15 days of delivery may be available. 

  • Purchase Terms

    Each scarf is unique due to the weaving process of the fabric and may have slight variations in color.

    There might be minor irregularities in the weaving structure or print of the scarf, which do not reduce the value or energy of the scarf.

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