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Soul Journey
Connect with your intuitive powers and the higher teachings of the Spirit World
 Free Recording
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Join a Shamanic Soul Journey to receive the blessings of the Hummingbird Spirit – the guardian spirit of the North. Connect with your intuitive powers and the higher teachings of the Spirit World. 

In this FREE 60 minutes recorded event Doni Amoris will share with you the 5 Keys of Shamanic Wisdom and their importance to build a life in alignment with our fullest soul potential, how to protect your energy the Shaman Way, and much more! 

In tune with Native American Energy Medicine, Light Language, and sound, Doni Amoris will be a clear channel to transmit beautiful and empowering energy codes and activations directly into our heart and soul.

In this hour-long free recording, you will:

  • Discover the 5 Keys of Shamanic Wisdom

  • Receive the Wisdom of Hummingbird Spirit

  • Learn how to connect with your inner wisdom

  • Experience a shamanic channeled soul journey and receive uplifting light codes and messages

  • Learn how to protect your energy the Shaman Way in these turbulent times

Let’s have a light-hearted time with Doni and his guides!

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Your Guide & Teacher

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Doni Amoris 

Mystic visionary artist Doni Amoris is a 4th generational shaman with European roots who has studied the shamanic way of North and South America for over 15 years. His work combines spiritual practices with modern technological tools to expand our perception of the mystical exchange between our selves, the Earth and the Divine.


Doni Amoris' unique heart-opening workshops, healing works of art, and shamanic soul journeys have awakened people across the globe to a life of greater harmony, joy, and prosperity. His teachings facilitate a deeper connection to the Divine towards building a life in alignment with our fullest soul potential.


Besides teaching internationally, Doni Amoris is also the creator of a spiritual technology that can be worn to support the beauty, the vitality, and the awakening of your inner Light. His illuminating energy scarves are loved by spiritual icons such as Deva Premal, Alberto Villoldo, Tim Whild, Kyle Gray, Diana Cooper and have been featured globally in galleries, major department stores, and in a TV show in Japan.

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