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Soul Image Ceremony
by Doni amoris
join the workshop to:
  • EXPLORE the deeper meaning of your life

  • INCREASE the healing power of your spiritual practice

  • ENJOY more appreciation for your healing work

  • RECEIVE your own SOUL IMAGE to reflect the beauty of your infinite light

During the Soul Image Ceremony® mentor Doni Amoris will assist you in building a mandala that reflects the essence of your inner beautiful light – the light of your heart and soul. The creation of this mandala will provide you with amazing opportunities to gain new insights into your own being, connect with your spiritual guides, and open an energy vortex to manifest new beginnings. Doni Amoris will record the energy of your mandala to create your personal Soul Image, which will help you to reflect the beauty of your infinite light. 

Your Soul Image will be printed to become a Sacred Mirror. It will energize your living space and serves as your daily reminder to live a life from your highest essence. 

Your Soul Image can be printed on fabric to become a wearable talisman to harmonize your aura. You may add Sacred Geometry, Light Language, and other elements to your scarf's design. 

Please contact Doni Amoris to inquire about pricing and for booking an online or offline session. 


Thank you for the incredible print! It is more magnificent in person! It took my breath away when I opened it. What extraordinary energy you have captured within this image. It resonates deeply and holds many messages for me as I embark on some new work.  My Soul Image is absolutely perfect the way it is.

Rebecca Kamen

International Artist and Speaker

Tyna Boccarossa

Spiritual Medium and Light Worker

There was an overwhelming feeling of love; love for all, including myself.  The feeling has lasted with me still.  I would highly recommend the Soul Image Ceremony as I feel blessed by spirit in a very special, lasting way.

Beautiful and highly recommended....we had the pleasure to do our Soul Union image (image of two souls united in one ceremony) with Doni Amoris last time in Costa Rica...the process was so beautiful and the results fantastic!

Ayi & Michael

International Sound Healer 

What happens in the Soul Image Ceremony?

In the Soul Image Ceremony®, Doni Amoris will assist you in the crafting of a mandala built by using your personal symbolisms, meaningful objects, and elements from nature.


Your personal objects and symbols embody that which is most important to you. They are energetically linked to your life, as they are a form of container carrying the energy that you put into them. Your feeling of connection to these special objects is the energetic relationship, the bond, which links the material world to your soul. 

By the use of your personal and meaningful objects, combined with our highest and most loving intentions, we will create a mandala that is deeply rooted in to your life and connected to the light inside of your heart.

The specific placement of the objects within your mandala will open up an energy vortex, which is related to the light of your heart and soul.

Doni Amoris will support you in your meditation with your mandala, and he will guide you in the use of the mandala as a compass to:


  • Understand more deeply the meaning of your life (relationships, health, work, personal growth, challenges and past, present and future experiences)

  • Connect with the inner voice of your heart and receive guidance

  • Manifest new beginnings


Once the mandala is complete, Doni Amoris will photograph your mandala to record its energy. As the microscope shows us another layer of reality, Doni uses the photographic camera to reveal the layer of pure color and light vibrations – the layer where your soul makes its home.


Doni Amoris will connect to your soul essence, make the energy of your mandala visible, and then transfer the energy onto a two-dimensional plane (as artwork, or a scarf) to create your Soul Image.

What is the Soul Image? 

The Soul Image is your unique creative talisman. It is a Sacred Mirror to enhance and understand your personal energy and the intimate experience of your inner Light. The Soul Image is an energy portal and a work of art, which contains the vibrational essence of your soul light, your most cherished memories, intentions, and aspirations.

benefits of the Soul Image

The visual harmony of your Soul Image contains pathways of information about your life, your soul gifts, and your life’s purpose.  When you meditate on your Soul Image, you may access the deeper meaning and the hidden messages that reside within its symmetrical structure.


Doni Amoris is gifted with the ability to read the energy of your Soul Image and can offer to prepare a Soul Image Reading for you, which may include the following:


  • Current soul message 

  • Soul gifts, life’s purpose, challenges 

  • Recommendations

Like true sacred art, your Soul Image transmits higher frequencies of Love and Oneness to the space that it occupies.


  • Reflect on your Soul Image as a daily Sacred Mirror to ground and energize yourself

  • Display your Soul Image at home and harmonize your living space

  • You can refresh and refine the frequency of your crystals, singing bowls and other healing instruments by programming them with the vibration of your Soul Image

Wearing your Soul Image printed on a scarf will add its vibrational medicine to your aura and harmonize your energy flow. Studies with the MORA Bio-Resonance technology have shown that wearing the scarves of Doni Amoris increases the energy flow of certain meridians by 18% to 25%. Wear your Soul Image scarf at home, at work or during travel:


  • To harmonize and protect your aura

  • To connect more deeply with the light that shines within you

  • When you meditate, chant a mantra, or dance; your Soul Image scarf can assist you to call out the power of your infinite light

  • When you facilitate energy healing, please wear your Soul Image scarf to increase the healing power of your practice

 The soul image - a sacred mirror and energy portal

Doni Amoris will print your Soul Image on high quality art paper and unite it with a bamboo panel to create a Sacred Mirror reflecting your inner Light. ​


  • The bamboo panel comes with slots in the back for easy display

  • Sustainable harvested bamboo

  • Eco-friendly inks ​​


Personally blessed by Doni Amoris with your intentions and prayers. Please inquire for options and details.

The Soul Image Scarf
A talisman that calls out the light of your Soul

Doni Amoris can print your Soul Image on finest Italian natural fabric and create a scarf just for you. Wear your Soul Image Scarf to harmonize your light body and increase the healing power of your spiritual practice. The frequencies and colors embedded in the scarf will deepen your personal connection to the Source of Light and will support your important work as a healer, teacher, mother and individual who makes the world a better place. 

Doni Amoris will consult with you about the design of your scarf to ensure that all your needs are met. You may choose to add Sacred Geometry, Light Language and custom design elements to your scarf.


  • Soul Image printed on soft-as-silk Italian modal fabric

  • Plant based fabric sustainably made from bamboo. Skin-friendly inks

  • Size approx. 140cm x 180cm 

  • Made with love in Italy

Personally blessed by Doni Amoris with your intentions and prayers. Please inquire about options and details. 

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