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Synchronize with the Energy of Divine Love

This soul journey is designed for singles and for couples who wish to connect deeper with Divine Love.

Let’s go on a soul journey on Valentine’s Day and dive deep into Unity Consciousness to synchronize our energy with the energy of Divine Love. During the meditation you will receive personal energy transmissions and insights for your life. The Divine will communicate with you, by showing you symbols, which you may see in your inner vision. Pay close attention to the colors and the symbols that you receive and discover what messages they hold for you.


If you already know your Soul Mate, then this meditation will assist you to connect deeper with each other. If you wish to meet your Soul Mate in the future, then this meditation will provide an energetic meeting with your Soul Mate. The energetic connection between you and your Soul Mate is the first step in reuniting on the physical plane. During this meditation you will be guided to release anything from yourself that may be holding you back from experiencing Divine Love.

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Recording Premieres 
February 14, 2023
44 minutes

London 10:00 
Berlin 11:00
Tokyo 19:00

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The divine energy matrix of this recording remains active beyond Valentine’s Day to fully provide the energy transmission and teachings to you for a duration of 14 days. Watch on your own time from the comfort of you home. 


Message from the Host:

In 2011, artist and shamanic healer Doni Amoris found the key to connect with Divine Love and by this experience of inner alchemy, the Universe quickly attracted his Soul Mate with effortless flow into his life. It is from this deep personal experience, that Doni Amoris now shares with you this special soul journey and energy transmission.

I look forward to share a Sacred Space and a nourishing experience of divine connection with you soon.

 With much love and many blessings!

Doni Amoris 

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