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The Preparation Guide to be Ready for Summer Solstice

Dear friend,

I am sharing some inspirations for your journey as we approach the 2021 Summer Solstice. Hope you are doing well! The Preparation Guide to be Ready for Summer Solstice The best way to prepare for the Summer Solstice is to start early by taking a quiet moment to meditate, either alone or even with a group of like-minded people. It is the ideal time to reflect on the passage of spring into the full swing of summer. Ceremonial preparation can help you enjoy this magical experience, be present with your senses, and gain communication from your Higher Self. Pay attention to the Chakra Tuning Colours. It has always been important to have colours around us during the summer, they charge us on many levels and we feel nourished on a deeper level. It feels like also our aura field has absorbed the beautiful colours of sunshine yellow, sea blue, forest green and a whole lot of rainbow from the lovely flowers. Since colours deeply affect us it is a good idea to keep favourable colours around you during the preparation of the summer solstice event.

During the meditation, connect and balance your energy.

Make the sacred circle; in many traditions, the centre of the circle is lit up by a bonfire, and people gather around it to share tales about the Summer Solstice and recall its meanings. This is an excellent time to engage in profoundly spiritual meditation, listen to your inner voice, and receive messages from your highest self. It is time to open spiritual channels and embrace the Light. If you meditate on particular questions, the spirit guides will happily give you a message in any way; just be patient and observant.

This year, our Sacred Circle will be perhaps online. The idea that we can be everywhere in the world and still be so connected to communities of people as never before is the secret ingredient in this circle. What counts is our desire to be present and meditate together with the same intentions; this will lift our personal energies as well as the energies of the whole world in general towards a collective consciousness, and hence each of us will benefit from such celebration whilst at the comfort of our home.

Know your worth and attune with it Know that you are good enough, pretty enough, and worthy of having enough energy to enjoy each day of your life. Your unique skills are what enable you to continuously perform at a high level. Life is a constant cycle of giving and receiving, much like the breath you take every second. While preparing for the longest day and shortest night of the year, let us tune into our 'enoughness!' today. With Love always, Doni Amoris

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