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“The Light of our Divine Essence inspires change and resonates our world into Harmony."

— Doni Amoris

Soul Portraits

of your Divine Essence

The Soul Portrait is a work of art, intimately made to uplift and deepen your spiritual journey. Doni Amoris will channel this Sacred Mirror to be your guide in your ascension process and to serve you as portal to uplift the vibration of your living space.

Your unique Soul Portrait will reveal the intimate connection that you have with your spiritual guides, guardian angels, power animals/plants, and so much more! 

The fullness of our sacred presence is revealed and made manifest. 

“...tears came to my eyes. I could clearly see the internal power, light, and love that lives inside of me from an external viewpoint. Every time I sit with my Soul Portrait my whole being resonates with Harmony.”

— MaryBeth Hyland, Founder of SparkVision


Doni Amoris' Soul Portraits are uniquely special. They are not just revealing the reality of your embodied divine self, but they also function as a portal, transmitting energy codes to deepen and uplift your spiritual journey.


Doni's "magic" is to shift unseen energies of your heart’s reality into the visible spectrum. His artistry and deep connection to Spirit makes this possible.

In the Image of Love, know thyself. Let the Soul Portrait be your Sacred Mirror.


To see our inner light revealed, to make manifest the reality of our heart, this is truly a process of alchemy and a path towards a deeper embodiment of our true nature.


Together we walk the path towards Oneness.


With Love, 


“This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself and I’m so grateful I found Doni to create such a masterpiece. If your inner guidance is steering your towards this work, you must listen. It will change your life!”

— Julie Reisler, Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker

How the magic unfolds...

Please fill out the form below. You will then be contacted by email to schedule an initial call with Doni Amoris. During the call Doni will connect with your energy and receive your ideas for your Soul Portrait. 

After the call, please email a few quality images of yourself that Doni Amoris can use for your Soul Portrait. Once your images have been confirmed, you will then receive a payment invoice.


After your payment, Doni Amoris will start to channel your Soul Portrait, which may take a few weeks to complete.


Soul Portrait Includes...

Soul Portrait finished to your satisfaction in digital format for web and print publication

Intake call to discuss Soul Portrait ideas and follow-up call

Museum quality print of your Soul Portrait 

Pricing and Info

Please fill out the form below. Thank you!

“Magic always unfolds at the perfect time.”

— Doni Amoris

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Soul-Portrait-Yuki by Doni Amoris.jpg
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