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Goddess Flora Message and Intro

Hello dear friends,

Last Sunday I was visited by Goddess Flora during a private channeling session, and she gave a beautiful reminder that I like to share with you. If you are unfamiliar with the Goddess Flora, please let me share some information.

The Goddess Flora embodies the divine energy that was born when the first flowers in this Universe came into being. She not only works with us through flowers on Earth, but extends far beyond that with her infinite energy of beauty and abundance. Flora shines as a true cosmic flower, eternally present in all things unfolding.

In ancient Rome she was loved and celebrated in the Springtime, when the flowers would start to bloom, and the people would hold a festival in celebration of her: the Floralia. I’m sure you are familiar with the many uses of flower essences, essential oils, herbal medicines, and we can be grateful that all have been blessed by Flora for us to be used in our ongoing journey.

Someone asked me if the Goddess Flora has a symbol, like Mother Mary who is connected with white lilies. Tuning into the symbol of Flora, it is quite amazing: Her symbol is “all the flowers”. Flora is present in all flowers, no matter how beautiful, what color or shape, her loving essence is present equally and unconditionally in all that which flowers and bears fruits.

The reminder from Goddess Flora that came to me was during a vision of seeing her preparing a “flower bath”. This bath is something that we can do for ourselves during spring and summertime: to harmonize and nurture our inner flower goddess. For preparing the bath, the Goddess Flora showed me that it is best to use local flowers and herbs that you may find in your area, essential oils (organic is best) and a little bit of sea salt. Set an intention for your bath, and while it lasts it can be your sacred time to connect with the Goddess and ask for her blessings. Ask and you shall receive.

Gently dancing in the wind, a blossom unfolds. When we attune ourselves to the vibration of Goddess Flora, we realize that there is always a space of infinite beauty and abundance available for us. Let us tap into this space of abundance and manifest flowering beauty upon the world.

If it resonates with you, I will hold a group session to channel and transmit the sweet nectar, love, and wisdom of the Goddess Flora into our hearts on this May 22nd. As always, the transmission coming through is personal and unique to each person and it will support us in the months to come.

Let us blossom and flower our gifts together, with our own light and with the love and guidance of Goddess Flora.

With Love, Doni

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